Cultural Regression

The modern world is on a direct path to being torn apart. Things that were and things that are will no longer exist. So-called progressive thought is gravitating us towards a self-manifested destination. Political schemes have parasitically attached themselves to each and every man and woman and snowflake’s mind. While a select few have held on to traditions (a not towards the drastic minority, Norskk included), most people don’t even realize what has happened to them. 

I’ll preface this by saying that it is men in general - regardless of race - that have truly allowed this disintegration of societal fabric.

Women are (almost) single handedly responsible for the complete chaos and disarray that has struck this planet. Men are women, women are men, this guy has a vagina, that girl has a dick, this guy likes kids, that girl is married to a carnival ride etc, etc. The integrity and honor of men has been ripped out from under their feet by women – and all at the behest of men. Men who no longer had a tribe, no longer fought and no longer emulated masculine traits. These “men”, in their lack of drive or direction, put pussy on a pedestal. As long as they could please women, they could get pussy. This has verifiably led to women slowly realizing that they can control these “men” with their vaginas.

We’ll take a pause break, utilizing the USA as a prime example, to explain my anecdotal-yet easy and recent experience with this:

Lately, I have been listening to stand-up comics (not a great example of the honor compass of a people, I know) as a way to help get through the day stuck behind a desk working for a douche-hammer boss. While they’re not a great example of the average person, the less obvious realization is how many people subscribe to listening to comics all the time. And what the audience laughs at and agrees with usually is a good indicator to the performer of how they should be, what they should think and what they should repeat to other audiences. Where am I going with this? Well,


All women comics within 5 minutes of their acts will talk about their vaginas. Without fail. And then progress to topics such as “I don’t want kids” or “men suck” or “men are stupid”. And recently, 1 of 5 of the female performers on this random comedy radio is white. Normally, do I care? No. But every one of the non-white actresses pushes the agenda of “white privilege” in their acts, and the white actresses agree.

All white male performers will either A) admit they’re a piece of shit, and shouldn’t be reproducing because (insert race other than white) is better, B) proclaim men are stupid, and women are better in all ways, C) state that they are feminists and believe that all men are misogynistic fuckadoodledoos and what-have-you, D) state they wish they could have things the way women have them; or a combination of any of the above.

All non-white male comics will either A) state that there’s still constant racism, B) state something political along the lines of them growing up hard and being oppressed, C) talk about “getting dat pussy”, D) talk about something ridiculous or embarrassing about a white guy; or a combination of any of the above.

Now, in everyday circumstances I don’t give a shit what these people talk about or believe. Nor should you. But the trend is what is the underlying problem. In both cases of the male performers, women are accepted as being above men and in control. In all three cases, it is touted that being white is not a preferable thing. And also in all three cases, it is unanimously agreed with by the crowd. Whether each individual in the crowd agrees personally doesn’t matter – if not they are pressured into agreeing because they are pussies and don’t want to upset the others in the crowd, so they cheer regardless.

What this example I’ve given shows in just a small way, is how women have worked their way into controlling positions in the fabric of society since the women’s rights movement from the 1940’s on, imposed their will of freedom of every manner and tolerance to the point of lunacy, and enforced it with the club and hammer of vagina privilege (coincidentally societal collapse got a huge push downhill immediately following the 1940’s and 50’s. Hmmm…wonder what caused that???). Countries being run by women are unanimously failing. Militaries being influenced by women are crumbling like dry cookies. Men are bowing down in all matters to the infinite wisdom of the vagina, all in hopes of fucking one.

The degeneracy of our modern world ridden with crime, mental illness, complete lack of testicular fortitude, rape of our cultures (not just white), societal structure collapse and many other devastations can be laid at the feet of women; but, it is the man who is holding the woman upright and standing. We as men have enabled the world to clatter down the well of chaos into an unrecognizable shit show that no one knows how to even describe, let alone fix. We have allowed the rape of our children to go unpunished in the name of tolerance, our people to be blown up in the name of tolerance, our military to be castrated in the name of tolerance, our history to be wiped away in the name of tolerance, our ability to survive and function as individuals gone in the name of tolerance, and much, much, much more.

It does not take a genius to see the cluster-fuckery nougat we are creating, nor to see the inevitable fat tranny cunts who will take the destroying bites out of that nougat (nod towards Merkel, though she is far from alone in this) that will send this world into a spinning chaos.

We as men must seek to rebuild our tribes, and rekindle the flame that will weather the storm.

We must be prepared and remain wary in the times to come, when men are no longer welcome anywhere in the modern world.

“Vápnum sínum skala maðr velli á feti ganga framar;
því at óvist er at vita nær verðr á vegum úti geirs um þörf guma.”

“From his weapons and tools a man in the open country must not go more than one step;
Because one can’t be sure when, outside on the roads, a spear will be needed by a warrior.

-          Hávamál 38