Check Thy Privilege

By Peter Osborne Gentry


This is one of those moments that I am going to seriously use the term “CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE”. That’s right fuck face, I said it, check your mutha-fuckin privilege. No seriously, if you were lucky enough to be birthed in one of the developed nations of the west, i.e. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA... And all those little cousins of ours over there across the pond, Like the KINGDOM OF NORWAY... Still trying to figure out what country that’s in but I hear it is a lovely place. Take a few moments to seriously check the privileges you have as a free man and woman in whichever nation you reside.

Now I want you to turn inward for a moment and do a little self-reflection. Who provided to you these privileges you currently enjoy? Was it just some random act of luck that provided this life of privilege to your people? If you really don’t know I’ll answer that one for you. NO! It was not random. It was not luck. And believe it or not you are not entitled to any of the privileges you currently enjoy.

The life you live, the one that allows you to wear skinny jeans and dick with your mobile porn device at all hours of the day did not just happen. The life of luxury and privilege was bought and paid for with blood. Countless lives were lost over as many generations of struggle, war, famine and decease to get you to where you are right now. 

Untuck those nuts from your skinny jeans boys, stop using feminism as an excuse to be a fat cow ladies, put your fucking phones down for two fucking seconds and contribute to the success of your people. Get out of bed every day with the mindset that you are going to earn the right to the freedoms you enjoy. Attack every day with the knowledge that you owe your current privilege to your ancestors who fought and struggled to get you to where you are today. And always remain mindful that you owe it to the next generation to pass on to them those same privileges and freedoms that you inherited from those who came before you.

You may be asking “Pete how do I do that?!” Well first and foremost, boys and girls, you have to “Check your privilege” and take “Personal Accountability” of your actions. Men you have to actually be men, which means you should have more muscle than fat on those under-utilized bodies of yours. That means you need to eat less and exercise more (no, being at work doesn’t count as exercise). You have to apply self-discipline to your life, because you can’t always have what you want whenever you want it. You need to actually train to be a tough guy (because if you don’t, an actual tough guy will stomp a mud hole in that ass). You bought a gun? Sweet the same rules apply to firearms as part of being a tough guy (you have to train with them or your just a dumb cunt with a gun). Turn off the video games and go outside and enjoy nature, Find a mate because men weren’t meant to be alone (just like wolves, we need a pack). Produce offspring because its manly as fuck to clone yourself. And never, for any reason, should you cram your nutsack into a pair of skinny jeans... EVER! Tired of other men getting all the good women and snagging up all the ass? Start being a real fucking man and you won’t have to cry yourself to sleep in the corner of your room every night.

Women, try being women, you may find you enjoy being a woman (if you stop fucking around with those nerdy ass skinny jean wearing Justin Bieber types). Stop looking for a man that is pretty to look at or “romantic”, and start realizing that a good man is often a hard man. Real men don’t always share their thoughts or smile all the damn time like an idiot. Real men do however take providing for their mate and offspring very seriously. This includes but is not limited to: Providing a quality of life and steady income (that many other women will envy), producing genetically superior offsprings (that are less likely to suffer from physical and mental ailments), being hard enough and possessing the self-discipline to raise children (that in turn become hard working and productive members of society), mentally stable (to not require as much or more physiological support than a woman), not having a “dad bod” (because he is a real man who possesses a physique that is lean and functional), and last but not least, being fully capable of physically protecting his mate and offspring (and is fully mentally prepared to do so with lethal force if required). Tired of pretending that you don’t need/want a man because you are just as good as a man? Well learn to identify the traits of a real man and then go find one.

Also if you manage to find one that doesn’t think you are a stupid cow you might try bringing something to the table as well. Like you could also exercise so you aren’t a fat cow. Make him food to eat because real men like to eat... in moderation. Support him in his decisions because you are partners. Put out because a real man likes to fuck and can do so for longer and harder than the half-men you’ve been wasting your time on. Don’t get in his damn way when he is enforcing discipline with your offspring... That is if you’re lucky enough to have been impregnated by a real man. And I’m sure there are other things but if you are hot, cook and put out, there isn’t much more a real man is looking for, so start there ladies. And then you won’t have to die old and alone as some fem-nazi, who being “equal” to any man was her argument for not having anyone in her life.

So the take away from Ole Pete’s rant is literally “CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE”. Check it every fucking day of your life. As soon as you stop checking it, you’ll lose it and will have nothing to pass on to the next generation, but ashes and broken dreams. And “PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY”. Everyone is quick to make excuses, and spout some bullshit as to why they suck or why they are falling short. In reality, it takes a bigger person to identify their short comings, and make the change required to succeed.