An American Perspective

By Triúnn skytja

“19 dead, 50 wounded” and “6 dead, 14 wounded” the headlines read. “Terrorists” or “troubled children/men” the media claims. “#notallmuslims” the plebeians respond.

Rinse. Repeat.

This is the useless behavior of a people unable to do what is necessary.

The attacks by radical (and non-radical sometimes) Muslims are not foreign to America, but we watch with weary eyes and diminishing hope. Our hope diminishes for Europe. For our ancestral homelands, our ancestral countries. We watch unable to act as our European brothers and sisters let themselves be bombed, assaulted, raped, colonized and cucked; all in the name of “diversity” and “tolerance”. Many of us who still have a brain wonder how it is countries like France and England could possibly as a people let themselves be disarmed, disrobed and bent over.

Hard times breed strong men.
Strong men create good times.
Good times breed weak men.
Weak men create hard times.

Through the fear of being branded a racist intolerant bigot, men across Europe (and beginning in the USA) have become weak and afraid, even letting themselves be consumed by a form of bastardized Stockholm Syndrome. Men in general have become feminized half-men, pining after the approval of pirates and murderers in the hopes of being labeled “cultural”. This mindset has created a society which condemns defending yourself and demonizes pride in your heritage and culture; that is unless you are from another country not in Europe. People actually believe they are doing what is right by letting a foreign entity of people destroy, burn, rape and pillage their homeland.

The people of France, Germany, England and Sweden (other countries too, but these are the most severely affected) are slowly beginning to realize what is happening; but is it too late? Those who would act are barred from doing so by the law. Even if they decide to act, how would they do so? Unarmed and unorganized, the European ‘Utopia’ has become a dystopia, prime and ripe for the picking of any who desire to take it for their own. We as US citizens watch with the hopelessness that can only be felt when nothing can be done. We can’t go and fight for the German man who’s 7 year old daughter was just raped by an asylum seeking ‘refugee’. Our government won’t do so because those governments won’t recognize the problem. It is as the old saying goes, “See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil” and everything will be OK. Right? Wrong.

So what is left to be done you men of Europe? What can you do to stop the destruction of your nation and the lives of your families and people?

You must man up. You must act, even knowing you might be punished by the law. Find any method you can to fight this rising threat to your existence. Knives, bats, broken pieces of wood, guerilla warfare. Whatever it takes. It is difficult to truly understand the circumstance you European men are in from an American perspective, because we have the means to defend our homeland. But the will to survive and thrive must be pursued. You CANNOT allow these evil degenerates to mutilate the places you call home, which have been made into the places they are by the blood and sweat of thousands of ancestors before you.

We watch with despair the videos of these muslims rioting, attacking, raping and destroying your city streets as your police forces are pushed beyond their capabilities, which are restrained by an ignorant elite hiding behind ivory walls and money. But we also watch with the hope that you will rise up from the ashes of your burnt neighborhoods to defend all that you hold dear. We watch with the hope that you will not allow this evil to consume you.

Rise up men of Europe. Defend your homeland. Fight with a violence and ferocity and speed that these invaders cannot comprehend. Show them you will not be taking any more of their shit.