Thoughts on Freedom

By Nikolás Mathiosbróðir

Freedom is a burden, a double edged sword. In order to understand this paradigm, one must look at ones self and see the character he possess.

Freedom means to live as you see fit. Freedom means to have the right to live how you wish without another party imposing his or her will on you. An easy concept to grasp, isn’t it. Well, it gets a bit more complicated when others do things that you do not agree with.

Let's look at a fictitious scenario. You are living in a quaint, quiet little town. You find out that over the coming weekend a group of nazi or communists (whatever gets you going) wants to hold a march on a public street to proclaim their superiority and hatred to whoever will listen. This outrages you, obviously. As well as all of the people in your town. What are you to do? I, for one, was raised with the idea that freedom is for ALL. I am vehemently opposed to these people, their views, and what they say. However, as long as it is a peaceful march on public property (or lawfully on private property), I have no choice but to allow it to take place. These people are indeed free to express their views, and I am free to ignore such views, even though I and others may be disturbed by their message. This simply is respecting the freedom of others. I also have the freedom to speak up and proclaim that they are assholes or whatever description I see fit. Freedom doesn't protect anyone from criticism. 

Now, let's look into this in more depth. This nazi or communist group is going to march, they are all lined up with their jack boots and helmets, or red bandannas and hoodies, or whatever the fuck retarded nazi or commies want to wear. They have, however, been peaceful so far. A polar opposite group shows up. The Westboro shit bricks, become violent. They start throwing rocks and flaming garbage at the nazi/commie fucks. Serves them right you might say? WRONG. Even though I despise the dickrag nazi/commies, their freedom is now being violated. As a person who understands fundamental rights, it is now my duty to protect the freedom of the fucking cheese dick fuck sticks. Again, not because I'm a fuckstick "sympathizer", but because their freedom, their very fundamental rights, are being violated. 

This is a concept that is paramount to understanding the meaning of freedom and the burden and sacrifice it requires. This is the fundamental principles of the oath I, and every other citizen of the United States of America, took upon enlistment, commission, or election to to public office:

I do solemnly swear, that I will support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The constitution of the United States, is simply a written contract, documenting the "inalienable" natural rights and freedom of every human being. As citizens it is also our duty to defend those rights wherever and whenever required. 

Do you have the right to speak out against the nazi/commie assclowns? Yes. Do you have the right to take offense? Yes. Do you have the right to counter protests? Absolutely. Do you have the right to silence them? No, you do not! Do you have the right to demand someone else silence or prohibit them? Fuck no! Is it your responsibility to uphold their freedom to demonstrate. Yes, it is. Even though you hate it, even though it pains you to your very core. Even though in the most extreme fucking case it may kill you. It is, however, what freedom truly means.

For the concepts of freedom and liberty to endure, this is a lesson we must all learn. We must understand and accept that the burden of freedom lays on each and every one of our shoulders. 

Bear it with pride, bear it with honor.