The True Face of "Refugees"

By Halfdan Christofssen

I have been granted an opportunity to pen a few lines about my experience from the coal face of Islam and the refugee crisis in Europe. I am grateful for the opportunity as I believe that Europe, where I am somewhat invested but rarely present, is blissfully unaware of the full extent of what it has done and where this will take it. 

Western governments have long been compelled to take on persons of less fortunate backgrounds under the banner of “humanitarianism”. The intent is good natured, the West provides shelter to those in need and allows them to learn and prosper and grow while their home country is being sorted out. I doubt anyone would not offer a roof and a meal to any weary person seeking refuge, provided that they knew who the person was and took measures to protect those who live under their roof. I ask nothing more, but some western European leaders expect the lodging and succor to be provided without questions asked. 

This may be the Christian way but it is not mine.

Those who follow the correct (UN legislated and legal method) process of applying for refugee status move to the nearest safe country and are given aid while their backgrounds and claims are processed. Once this has been verified, Western countries (mostly – you don’t see a lot of the Arab world doing it) will select persons they believe are a good fit to their way of life, culture, and needs. The refugee then is resettled permanently and assisted by the people of that nation through their government agencies to get a good start in their new country.

I have interviewed and interrogated refugees, legitimate and otherwise, and their smugglers during my work. I have seen the places they run from and the places they run too. I am not a certified expert in refugees and migration but I am a reasonable and charitable man within my means who holds no ill will to those who wish to protect their families, but disdains lecherous persons who take what is not theirs to take through lies and deceit.

Words are powerful things; they invoke different thoughts and emotions dependent on their use. Perhaps you are aware of a recent trend in the rhetoric regarding the issue, where refugees are becoming increasingly referred to as migrants. If you think for a moment this is innocent you are wrong. I hear from Germans everywhere that “they are only here until things are sorted out at home” and in the same breath “they bring skills that Germany needs”. Think about that. These are two statements made regularly by the government in Germany. Why would we concern ourselves with the skills they have (which are generally not of European standard) if they are only staying temporarily and therefore not really of value to the German economy in the long term? Now think back on the “guest workers” of West Germany. Did they go home?

So, we have to accept the inevitable, and that is the “refugees” are “migrants” now, and the majority will not return to Syria, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Chad, Nigeria, Somalia, Eritrea, and so on. You may notice the geographic location of these countries and the similar culture, religion and traditions would see them fit perfectly into the Arab world, but they will only find a prison or a bullet if they go to seek refuge in the lands of their Muslim brothers and sisters.  So they come to Europe / Australia / New Zealand / Canada / USA and are given refuge. 

Many are given refugee passports. Many are given host nation passports as they are deemed acceptable citizens or permanent residents due to family connections or whatever. In my work I have spoken to many host nation passport holders (in the land they sought refuge from by the way) who could not speak a word of the host nation. Not one word. I needed to engage the services of my local translator (who has never seen the host nation) to translate the words coming from the mouth of a person who was holding a passport to a country whose language they could not even attempt. While you are considering the idiocy of that, consider that the majority of these passport holders were demanding the host nation fly them back “home”, as they had run out of money the host nation was giving them in unemployment benefits or refugee pension.

A person who seeks refuge in a third country gets a passport from that country and then returns to the land they are seeking refuge from on the money provided by the third country is no refugee. To then demand that country fly you back so you can collect more free money because you ran out is utterly incredulous and takes a massive amount of disrespect to the people who of that nation who are funding all of this through the taxation of money earned off their hard work and innovation. 

You would think this is a one off “who the fuck would have the audacity to do that kind of event". Average was 5 a week, often more. Most were rejected at the gate because, just quietly, we had bigger guns and fuck them for trying. Some managed to get hold of diplomats and arrange appointments where you got to watch utter liars pour out stories of woe across the table to fresh faced young diplomats who, admittedly, just want to help genuine people. However, despite the fact that the stories always fell apart during cross examination, host nations are compelled by law to rescue their citizens and charges in distress – so off to the airport they go and get a free flight back to live in free accommodation, with free food, and a free allowance to build up cash for the next trip back to the place they sought refuge from. True story.

From one of the places I worked, I know of 7 translators who are now in Germany, 2 in Sweden. What prompted them to seek refuge you ask? Was it the collapse of the state, threats against them for their work with the infidels?  They contract companies changed and pay dropped from 900 to 700 USD a month for them. Nothing else changed. I know for a fact two of the “refugees” in Germany are lying as they outright told me so. I have mentioned this to the German Authorities, but they do not want to hear it, in fact I was treated with disgust for raising the issue. You literally cannot help people so bent on the destruction of their own culture, folk and way of life as it is.

Now, we all hate totalitarian governments. But we need to look at the facts. Islam is a totalitarian religion that dictates all activity under its cloak. Islamic State is, literally, the purest form of Islam. Since 2000 the Western world has orchestrated the deposition of a number of totalitarian regimes, and now we are experiencing the fruits of that. Islam and democracy are non-compatible ideologies, they entire system is utterly confused and fractionalized in the places that are now liberated. Certainly there a highly educated and prosperous “city states” in these countries but outside of the city state it might as well be another country entirely. I mention this because since 2003 the refugee output from Afghanistan has tripled, while the country has become arguably more livable (with hospitals, programs to bring clean water, electricity and government works and so forth).

Without divulging everywhere I have worked, the word on the streets in the Middle East / Asia / Africa is that western women will fuck anyone and they are all desperate for it. The amount of times I have been asked about fucking western women and how easy they are is stupefying. The culture of Islamic societies is the main driver behind this obsession for sex with western women. They can’t get laid by law, as heterosexual relations outside of marriage are punishable by death in most Islamic nations, but oddly homosexuality and bestiality are generally more socially acceptable, still frowned upon but you might not be killed for it. A lot of men between 15-45yrs of age in the aforementioned regions are either begging their western co-workers for porn or streaming porn on their phones huddled and pressed against each other. The biggest issue is that they don’t understand it is a fantasy and not reality. I have been told by a lot of Muslim men that all western women are whores who love gang bangs and anal sex. That attitude probably explains why the instance of rape and sexual assault goes up wherever Islamic “migrants” decide to impose themselves.

Europe has no concept of the true economic and lifestyle intentions of the refugees they are letting walk through the door unchecked and unrestricted. I have seen first-hand the groups of 3-5 men from the aforementioned regions loitering around bars in the cold of the night, waiting and watching. In Germany, on the rare occasion I can be dragged out to deal with “civilised people”, I do not enjoy myself and will escort women I do not know (and do not want to know) to taxis and away from poorly lit areas because I am wired to identify the predatory circling packs that are lurking nearby that these lambs cannot. Europe has really done a number on itself. The Islamic male refugees are not interested in a 30 minute power point lecture on how to treat women with respect; they generally have no respect for European culture and laws which they are taught from a young age are inferior to the laws of Islam. Nor do they respect Western women as they are indoctrinated to the belief that women are to serve men. Under Islam, women do not refuse; it is Western laws that allow Muslim women and Western women alike to stand up to men in Europe. Under Islam, women must be protected by male relatives at all times because men cannot help themselves but to rape and that is the woman’s fault. Across the west there have been rape cases of all ages, and the main question from the family of the rapist is “was she a Muslim?” as if a non-Muslim rape victim had it coming to them. I have spent far too long at the coal-face of true Islam to be convinced otherwise, the white-washed versions of Islam presented to western society are false.

The German media is desperate to show “good” Muslim migrants who have skills and are participating in German life. They show “Mohammed Mustermann” the refugee who brought his family to safety. They don’t show the overwhelming percentage of unaccompanied males who make up the bulk of the refugees who are coming to Europe. Germany has been blinded by itself and its desperation to separate its past from its future, and it is dragging Europe down with it. 

Take the aforementioned Islamic attitude and apply it to the western environment and you can see why pharmacies are selling out of full rows of pepper spray in the make-up aisles and there are areas in their own nations into which ethnic nationals will not tread for fear of physical and sexual violence. Not even their law enforcement will go there. This is the new Europe. 

I rest my faith in the future of Mainland Europe in the strength of nations like Poland, who do not give one fuck. I fear Germany and France may not fare well in the years to come. Strong socialist agendas and democracy without national focus has been their undoing as a nation. Sweden needs to sort its life out too. One man’s opinion.