Ocean River Sports Discrimination

On 5 October 2018, a Nordic operator captured on his helmet cam (worn on his jacket at the time), an incident that marks yet a new low even to Canadian standards.

After confirming that Ocean River Sports, an outdoor store in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, offered military discounts as per their advertisements, he went to the store to buy a pair of pants. At check out, however, an employee believed to be Yannick Michaud refused to honor the discount upon being presented a military ID. Because the operator was… not Canadian.

The Nordic operator pointed out that while it was the store’s discretion to offer a military discount, once such discount was offered, the store could not deny said discount to anyone based on their country of origin. The operator pointed out that doing so was in violation of the British Columbia Human Rights Code (Section 8.1.B. prohibits discrimination based on ancestry and place of origin), and was therefore illegal. The operator further noted that the store had provided discounts in the past to Indian and Chinese military people.

Yannick is seen on the video recording as completely ignoring the point made by the operator, going instead on a seemingly never-ending rant, possibly drug-induced, about taxes and the government, that made no sense whatsoever, even after reviewing the video several times.

The Nordic operator, at this point, advises Yannick that there is no point to argue, and that he wishes to have a court to rule on the matter. He therefore asks for the legal name of the business. Yannick is unable to provide the required legal information.

Comes along another individual to the cashier’s area, whose gender seems uncertain, but who appears to be Jamie Dawson, the store manager. Nordic operator asks him if he is the store manager. Jamie appears to lie claiming that he is not. Jamie is then asked on multiple occasions to provide his company’s legal name. He refuses. At this point. Yannick seems to be coming out of his stupor and advises operator he will honor the discount. Before the operator can state he no longer wishes to make the purchase, Jamie, who has denied being the store manager, orders Yannick to not provide the discount and asks the operator to leave, making another comment that appears to be a threat.

The Nordic operator takes a photo with his phone to further document the incident, at which point Jamie becomes particularly agitated. The operator then immediately leaves, as per the store manager’s request, with Jamie seen as following the operator outside of the store, and screaming at him he cannot take photos and he must delete them. The operator ignores Jamie. The footage seems to suggest at this point that Jamie is about to assault the operator in his back.

Members of the U.S. military already know they are not welcome in Victoria, Canada. Coast Capital Savings, the local credit union, has already refused to honor ATM fee waivers for members of other North American credit unions, for those with accounts with Navy Fed or Pen Fed, and thus, members of the U.S. military. Credit union staff previously explained that they vehemently opposed the “oppression” of Muslims by the U.S. military…

Now, it appears that white males, and Nordic males, are no longer welcome either.

In this latest incident, an individual, whose gender-choice and freedom to be a despicable, racist, intolerant and bigoted human being is only made possible by the sacrifice of military men, as his seemingly vegan and soy-fed built would not allow him to survive in any conflict, blatantly and openly discriminates against a member of the military based on his actual ancestry, place of origin, and clearly skin color (as he has offered discounts in the past to East Indians and Chinese individuals). He then refuses to take responsibility for his own hatred and he attempts to evade liability for his actions. First by denying he is actually the store manager (as stated on the company’s web site), and then by trying to hide his company’s legal name. He then demonstrates astonishing emasculation and cowardice by acting like a victimized woman, asking the military operator to leave and threatening to call the police.

Truly, a new low for Canada.

As of the printing of this article, the operator has elected to file a lawsuit against Jamie Dawson and Ocean River Sports for discrimination in British Columbia courts.