Perspective of a Black Nord


I don’t believe in racial supremacy of any form. Period.

I think that there are different forms of instrumental values of evolutionary traits that occurred for very measurable reasons, and that’s all.

However, it’s very easy for people to confuse people like me with delusional non-white supporters of white supremacy, simply because I rep Norse culture.

The blacks who’ve caught onto the secret of our style of self-actualization do so mostly in secret, because if they’re at all open about showing love for Europe, the black community will largely abandon them, when all the social power possible is needed to aid one’s own advancement. So, one of the laws of power pertains to cloaking yourself like your social subordinates in order to avoid their envy. Therefore, a black person like me will pretend to play both sides, selling one image to blacks that will earn money and business (because a lot of black people are easy to sell to because of their culturally innate insecurities), while showing their true face behind closed-doors with their white wives and other family members.

I’m not doing that. I’m a wolf who is standing clear where everyone can fire their arrows at from any direction. So, counter-intuitively, I am a “real nigga” so to speak, if a “real nigga” is about being true to who you are. The cop out by communists who try to dismiss the pain of people like me is by saying that we “help [our] own oppressors,” which is counter-intuitively one of the most racist things I’ve ever heard…because how would I be helping my own oppressor by simply being honest about who I am…if I am my own oppressor? Get it?

I am being true to who I am.

This is another (though, of course, not the only) reason why so many “successful” black people end up with white mates. It’s not just a matter of assortative mating and ascending the social ladder as more sexual options become available to you in which you choose whites over blacks; it’s more about why you started becoming successful to begin with, which involved self-actualization, which made you more culturally compatible with whites as you evolve in character, which entails loving all of what makes you what and who you truly are in secret that you only show to them.

For instance, my house is a European house. You enter, and you will see vegvisirs, drinking horns (that my wife made herself), mead and herbal liquor, cultural history books, music, etc. the same exact as you could expect any European who is not ashamed of their own culture. In the past, when I was at lower levels of independence and psychological strength, if a black person were to be invited over our house, we’d consider hiding a lot of that stuff so that the black visitor wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. And this would occur not because there’s anything hateful about it, but because we know that there’s about a %0.00001 chance that the black person we’d invite over our house would have the education in European history needed to discern the difference between a European who is unashamed of simply being born, and a genuinely racist European.

The chances of misunderstanding would be too high, even if (in actuality) other black people were completely welcome in our house any time, just like anyone else would be. I reference the post I made about Europhobia; that’s what I struggle against in the black community when interacting with the black community, on top of a totally different cultural approach to problem-solving that most African-Americans don’t utilize, that involves personal responsibility. And the outbursts would be even worse, because I’m a black-dominant man; people like me are hated most of all, often by all communities, even if we actually do nothing wrong to anyone.

Forgiveness of the past is key, which I understand will be impossible for some to do, especially those families who have been hurt by legitimate white supremacy in their lifetimes. However, regardless of their pain, that’s just not actually the majority; it’s only the minority who have actually been targeted by legitimate white supremacy (as opposed to cultural misunderstanding and frustration that gets wrongfully painted as white supremacy). Much in the same way that it’s only a small percentage of the blacks that commit so much of the crime in the country; confirmation bias works both ways.

The majority of African-Americans then take isolated cases of true modern day oppression as evidence for confirmation bias, based on axioms taught to them by their parents as a part of a slave culture with no philosophical foundation. This cultural confirmation bias occurs as part of a massive Jungian psychological projection of skin-color-based collectivism because African-Americans themselves are largely collectivistic, so what they hate and fear about European culture(s) and people is actually a reflection of what is actually wrong with their own.

This then leads to inaccurate deductive and inductive reasoning, which leads to behavioral choices that blacks make, that give you the statistics that you see. And it is because of this illogical non-reasoning that people like me are seen as cultural traitors, instead of simply humans.

If I were wrong, I would not have made it this far.

If the chances that a cultural misunderstanding because of all this wouldn’t occur were higher, then my household would have no reason to feel that way, to hide the way that we did in the past.

And you’d be a fool if you think we’re the only ones. We’re not, and we know we’re not.

However, dare be honest about this, publicly, and many blacks will even try to sabotage your efforts to be successful in life (such as what happened with my Upwork account that I posted about in the past), because of their anti-white sentiment.

They don’t want your success, talents, etc. to be attributed to the whites; they want you to follow the one-drop rule, and they incentivize you to do so by the black awards they offer, if not through the use of shame tactics and name-calling.

I’m pretty certain that with all that I’ve done in my life, I could have won many an African-American award or scholarship by now; however, I willfully sacrificed all of that to stand by what I know to be true of Europe. Standing by truth, to me, is far more valuable than grandstanding before other blacks and white liberals, selling my soul for an award and a pat on the head.

This is a very unique struggle that non-white fanatics of white supremacy know nothing of…because they have no actual connection to the culture(s), besides fantasy.

People like me actually have “the blood” in us (in reference to the phrasing of folkish heathens), and that makes for very real cultural demons that we have to face and conquer in order to love ourselves and repair our self-esteem; the crazed non-white supporters of white racial supremacy don’t. There’s overwhelming evidence to suggest that genes affect the subconscious mind just as much as memes do.

This is what led me into discovering Nordic culture; people like me became attracted to the Nordic history, culture, etc. through self-exploration. We traced our last names; we wanted to find out more about who we are and where we come from (even if rape was the case), even if we're not white-dominant, genetically. We know Christianity bastardized a ton, so we seek to go past that...which ultimately leads us to Paganism.

And we love Europe with all of our hearts; we really do. We’d die for Europe, because it’s just as much our motherland as Africa (or Asia) is.

This causes a lot of psychological duress because, as we seek to know more truth and live more in reality (making understandable mistakes along the way), there's a lot of cultural flak from all directions that we have to deal with. We suffer, because we live in reality. Our struggle is in coming to terms with the reality of who and what we are. When we accomplish this, we’re at peace and are able to speak from a positive place.

That’s why people like me are about unity and positivity, how we’re able to rep Europe without coming from a dark place, and not hating any other race. Because we’re able to see a totally different side to Europe; we see and acknowledge what’s beautiful and worth preserving that dark emotions otherwise cloud in other minorities that may have European in them, but they’ve not broken through the mental barriers (yet) needed for true self-love and self-compassion by doing the unthinkable: forgiving the past.

In contrast with the delusional Vietnamese, Chinese, Peruvian, Mexican, etc. of whom most don’t have a drop of Irish, Scottish, Saxon, Scandinavian (or whatever) in them, those people vehemently support white supremacy while talking about burning people in ovens…as if their non-white asses wouldn’t be thrown by the nazis in the oven right alongside the very people they flame online.

People like the non-white supporters of white supremacy are the exact opposite of people like me; they're attracted to Norse (and other European) cultures because they live in fantasy; they hate their reality, feel inferior, idolize whites, and white supremacist rhetoric based on false dichotomies makes those supremacists come off as knowers of the one true way, and the exclusivity of that rhetoric makes them believe in false axioms about their truths.

People like me do not feel inferior. We know we’re not inferior. We get laid. We do well in the economy.

It’s those European-lore dragon-slaying MMORPG computer geeks who hate and escape their own realities that don’t.

Usually people like those dudes make first contact with "Norse" culture through computer games like Skyrim, or a cool folk-metal song they play that they think is really cool as they play RTS games like Starcraft, and then seek to learn more about it. When they seek to learn more about it, they oft stumble into video series’ like Varg Vikernes’s videos, and become further entangled in a fantasy that they can never truly achieve, or even come close to, in reality.

In contrast, people like me made first contact with Norse culture through psychotherapy, self-reflection, reading, etc. as we seek to become whole human beings…because it legitimately is who we are. And we needed help understanding who and what we truly are in order to break mental barriers and ease our pain. When we begin to experience the ease of our pain, how wonderful and euphoric it feels, we become happier people. Genuinely happier people.

Throughout the process, we essentially become European because what’s causing the pain is the mental tension of repressing many of our own subconscious thoughts that we’re guilted, shamed, and even sometimes murdered for (an undeniable form of oppression) by other non-whites who foolishly think that we’re like them, and that everyone’s struggle is the same.

Accusing us as “fake,” and hate that we have higher likelihoods of advancing because of our differences. Which have nothing to do with blaming the whites of today. And they hate it even more when they see legitimate cultural compatibility that they can’t understand because of the false axioms that were instilled in them by their parents.

That’s a huge difference. An epically huge difference between non-racist black Nords like me, and non-whites who support white supremacy. One lives in reality and suffers for it as they strive for higher levels of self-love, knowledge, compassion, and acceptance; the other lives in fantasy and doesn’t know how to confront their own cultural demons of inferiority, ignorance, lack of empathy, and lack of acceptance of self.

What Norse culture has taught me best is how to be comfortable with being alone. It's an individualistic culture; therefore, the moment I seek acceptance into a collective is the moment I’ve missed the point. If my self-esteem is genuinely high, I can genuinely follow this path without the acceptance of either the folkish, universalist, or whatever groups. The delusional non-white supporters of white supremacy know nothing of that kind of strength.