The Downfall of Canada

I sometimes find myself pondering why I care so much what the government does.  I never used to, I just did whatever I wanted and that was that.  Then I had kids, and almost immediately after having the first one something changed for me.  I had this strong urge to figure out who I am, where I came from, and record it all to pass to the next generation.  So I spent countless hours working on the family tree.  I had some good results from old records which lead me to want to find out about the different cultures that merged in the past to make me.  I know to some, all white people and Europeans are the same with no culture, but they couldn't be more wrong.  Being Canadian, I am mostly Irish and French with some bits and pieces of other European countries and of course a few branches of native people on the family tree.  Looking into the French side, most came from Normandy in the late 1600's.  The Irish arrived before the famine, mostly protestants from the North.  After doing research on both of those peoples, I discovered distant Viking connections on both sides.  It's all very distant but they had to exist for me to exist.  So I started looking into Viking culture and was fascinated by it.  It's a very distinct and powerful culture, definitely warrior based and not afraid to discover the world.  What really got me was how Vikings would settle in many different areas, usually by force, they'd build towns and conduct trade.  They would then learn the local language and customs and integrate themselves into the culture, presumably having the best of both worlds.  They didn't have to, they won, they got the land and settled, but they did it anyways.  In the long run it worked out well for many people.

I am a regular guy from Canada, married, 2 kids, nice little business, and lots of family around.  Things started to change around the year 2000, immigration was being pushed, especially from countries that I would say have incompatible cultures.  I live on the edge of one of the bigger cities, I grew up here and had a great middle class childhood.  Most people I knew were from similar backgrounds, there was the odd kid in school who was Asian, Indian, or black.  Some were cool kids and some weren't.  I specifically remember in middle school there was one from Pakistan, his parents were diplomats and just arrived in Canada.  I remember him having a hair trigger temper and being angry all the time.  I'd never seen anyone behave like that before, I really didn't know what to make of it.  Myself and a couple friends built a pretty substantial tree for complex nearby, we even let him come in once, right away he started getting made at us for the way we said things, and we were just trying to be friends.  We told him to get lost and not come back.  That night, "someone" wrote profanities in candle wax on the floor of one of the forts and tried to burn them down.  We knew exactly what happened and being 12 at the time knew exactly what to do.  At night, we filled the mailbox at his house with dog shit, lots and lots of it, then put more on the step and left a note on the door with some profanities of our own.  In our minds, problem solved.  He avoided us after that and they moved away the next summer.  Through high school I didn't have much exposure to other cultures like that, I knew some people of different colours, but they were cool dudes who actually liked being Canadian.  In my 20's I became self employed and started having to deal with more people of different cultures.  More and more were moving here, areas I knew as "normal" started turning into ghettos.  I'd get calls to go price out jobs and I knew by the heavy accents over the phone that this potential client was going to cause headaches.  So I started generalizing and not calling them back, it was easier for me to avoid them than listen to the same bartering from them.  One day I was chatting with an older guy in a similar line of work, he told me not to avoid them, engage them and don't give in.  He expressed his concern about large numbers of certain people moving here then trying to establish a caliphate.  I laughed it off at first but after thinking about it decided to do what he suggested.  So I started seeing more and more people who just arrived, somehow got government jobs and had money from back home to buy new houses in new areas.  I would look at what work they wanted done and every single time they would aggressively try to bargain the price down, to the extent that they were looking at me like a lower class citizen.  I started to feel angry and feel like the government was betraying us Canadians by allowing this to happen.  

Fast forward to 5 years ago, I got an opportunity to rent some land in an excellent location from a federal government agency.  It was close to 2 highways and had ample room for me to work.  Also on the property there was initiatives for people to create community gardens.  In theory it sounds good, city people can rent a plot and grow all the veggies they want.   The first year there was only a dozen or so hippy types gardening there, the next year there was double that.  Then Justin Trudeau comes along and started letting large numbers of migrants into the country calling them refugees.  This year there are over 110 plots being used and over half are by these so called refugees.  Again, at first glance it can look good, 3 generations of the same family working together to grow food.  The reality is that they are all there in the middle of the week in the middle of the day, none are working and none of the kids are in school.  They aren't even trying to learn English and the ones that are in school are holding the rest of their class back.  In the last 2 years some of my stuff has been stolen, I recovered some around their garden plots and some just vanished.  I work my ass off to do good work and support my family and these people who are already living off handouts are stealing my stuff.  It's gotten to the point where I am moving my business out of that location.  Every time we go to a grocery store, there's people there from incompatible cultures, they stick together in groups and make regular people uncomfortable.  They have zero manners, they will take up a whole sidewalk and force the polite people to go around them.  Not me, I take great pleasure in marching right through the middle of them.  What's happening now is my daughter sees women covered head to toe in robes and is looking to me for an explanation.  No matter what truth about it I tell her, if overheard, I'll be considered the racist.  One of my long time customers is a teacher at a high school in the area.  He says segregation of the different students is worse than it's ever been and they all want to fight each other.  The group of Canadian students is getting smaller and smaller, some local schools look like they could be in another country by their population.  Someone I know well works with a Chinese guy who lives in a fairly new suburb that is populated by mostly Chinese people who have been here less than 10 years.  He said they are happy when the white people move away, they want the whole space for their people.  They clearly have no intention of integrating.  Huge mosques are popping up everywhere, there is one near where I live, 2 doors up is a Royal Canadian Legion where old vets hang out, the place is falling apart and not getting enough funding.  Those old guys who risked their lives to make our futures better have to look at a huge eye sore filled with people who don't care about Canadian values.  I could go on and on with examples.

Lastly I wonder, what can I do?  I don't want my kids to grow up around people from incompatible cultures.  I don't want them to feel ashamed of their skin colour and ashamed to be descendants of people from Europe.  I don't want them to be shamed for being Canadian and embracing Canadian culture.  They are not "white privileged", their ancestors risked their lives and worked themselves to the bone so their future generations could live well.  Our prime minister seems happy to throw that all away.  He's even said Canadians have no core culture, he couldn't be more wrong, he has no core culture, he's a polished turn that's hollow inside.  I don't know what the right answer is, but I am doing a few things to try to make things better.  I am educating my kids, telling old family stories about how things here were and what they went through.  I want them to be proud of who they are.  I speak out as much as I can about the wrong doings of the government.  It's like throwing a snow ball at an oil tanker but I have to try.  I am keeping well connected with other good people, not too many but a few.  I have done extensive bug out preparations, I can make sure if/when this all crumbles, I can keep my family safe.  I refuse to do business with anyone I think is not willing to integrate into our society.  I maintain situational awareness at all times, and I am teaching my kids to do the same.  I talk about these issues with people as much as possible, some get uncomfortable, some get offended even, but a surprisingly large number share the same concerns and are too afraid to talk about it for fear of being labelled racist.  We have to keep our cultures, we have to take our countries back, we have to show zero tolerance for people not willing to integrate and we have to always vote for the party that will give the least hand outs to these migrants.  If we can turn off the taps of free flowing money, these parasites will move on and look for another host.  Be proud of your culture, be proud of your country, be proud of your tribe, and remember, if the Vikings who made a huge chunk of the known world their bitch but still integrated and became productive societies, we should expect nothing less from anyone else wanting to move to our countries.

One final short thought:  I regularly hear people talk about wars and other big events from the past that changed the world for the better.  Then someone else will retort and say "you weren't there, don't act like you did something productive".  I agree, I wasn't there but there was valuable lessons learned from major conflicts and atrocities.  Certain groups seem to want to wipe this stuff from text books and history, doing so would be a huge mistake and lead us around in a circle back the that place.  Destroying statues of politicians of past times because they committed evil against groups of people is retarded.  Educate people on what happened, learn from it, don't erase it because it makes some snowflakes cry!  That's my two cents for now, thanks for reading.

Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada

Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada