Monica LykkeligLiten Andersen

Photo Credit: Monica LykkeligLiten Andersen Facebook Profile

Photo Credit: Monica LykkeligLiten Andersen Facebook Profile

Monica LykkeligLiten Andersen is a member of the board of Lofoten Vikinglag. A historical re-enactment group. More important to her than historical facts, however, is virtue-signaling in the name of inclusion and tolerance.

So, when someone, just anyone, dared to stand by facts outlined in ancient Old Norse texts such as Jómsvíkingasaga (Saga of the Jomsvikings), namely that women were excluded from combat, Monica LykkeligLiten Andersen had to do everything she possibly could to eliminate the voice that went against her narrative. Anything at all. Even if it meant slander, exclusion, and intolerance.

Her first step was to slander NORSKK, an organization that includes black U.S. Marines in addition to Norwegians, Danes, Icelanders etc.. , and whose values do not even remotely suggest a racist stance, as "known right-wing extremists" ("kjent høyreekstreem" in her own words). Once she had redefined "right-wing extremists" she then proceeded with excluding anyone believed to be, without actual ground, related in any way to NORSKK.

In the name of inclusion and tolerance, Monica LykkeligLiten Andersen demonstrated utter intolerance and bigotry, greatly contributing to hatred and division in Norwegian society.

A sad day for Norway.