The Future is Bleak

We’ve been watching an allegedly atheist left trying to impose a multi-cultural agenda driven by, the irony, Islamization. As expected, resistance has also been building up on the other end of the spectrum, with an homogeneous religious right gaining substantial grounds in several countries.

While the left in countries such as Sweden has been rewriting history to depict us all Vikings as black transgender Muslim women, the right in locales such as Denmark has jumped on the revisionist bandwagon as well portraying Norsemen as devout Christians who allegedly embraced the gospel of god since, well, the beginning of times.

We therefore seem to be faced with only two options for the future: An Islamic future, or a Christian future. Both of which Abrahamic, and therefore catastrophic from a Heathen point of view. After all, let’s all remember that Norse culture was nearly annihilated by the Church, and many of our blood lines were literally exterminated.

The terrible irony is that our upcoming oppression and persecution will be this time the doing of those (falsely) claiming to be our own people: Asatru groups. These generally marxist and revisionist organizations have created an environment of intolerance where any dissenting opinion is to be eliminated. As history has shown time and time again, these alleged Pagans will be the first victim of their own doctrine. Asatru ideology is indeed expected to be silenced and eliminated by either Islam or the Church, with the very intolerance and bigotry they have nurtured, paving the way for Abrahamic dominance, and or course, elimination of Norse Paganism.

The future is bleak.