"You're a Nazi"

Anyone who wins an argument with a liberal, or anyone a liberal doesn't agree with is now deemed a "far-right extremist", a "white supremacist", or a "Nazi". Terms increasingly associated with "toxic masculinity" as well. Similarly, anyone who doesn't agree with the other end on the spectrum is accused of being a "communist", a "marxist", or a "leftist". Terms associated with "cuckery". 

It's just words, right? 

Well, has anyone ever been socially stigmatized or fired in today's society for being a "leftist" or a "communist"? Or a "cuck" for that matter? Nope. Despite the fact that Communism killed at least 10 times more people than fascism ever did, or that cuckery is a very undesirable trait from an evolutionary perspective, modern society sees such political inclination, behavior and features as not only fine, but even the foundation of virtue-signaling, and the perfect ideology and identity to aim for. However, being labelled a "Nazi" or a "far-right extremist", or being referred to as displaying characteristics of "toxic masculinity" (highly desirable from an evolutionary point of view), typically is a career ender, with the associated great social shaming and stigmatization. Even though the views expressed are not even remotely related to fascism or white supremacy.

Beyond the intended social stigmatization associated with redefining the term "Nazi", there is also a growing threat of criminalization. Western countries are constantly passing new laws designed to criminally punish "hatred" and "extremism", and "nazism". Well, since people being called "Nazis" by the left are not actual Nazis, they should have nothing to worry about right? Wrong. The very basis of the "Common Law" legal system in many English-speaking countries relies on how an "average" person would "reasonably" define "hatred", "extremism", and "nazism" in order for the offense to be deemed to have occurred. In other words, criminal conviction is not a matter of whether or not someone is an actual "Nazi", based on actual facts, but instead, whether or not your average Joe believes that person to be a "Nazi". The redefinition of the term "Nazi" by the left therefore takes a whole new dimension.

If history is any indication, categorizing and socially stigmatizing thoughts and natural behavior is typically the first step to oppression. Criminalizing such thought is the next natural step to institutionalized persecution of anyone who dares to disagree with the narrative of the time. The last and final step is extermination of any dissent or behavior deemed inadequate, including with the use of concentration camps, gas chambers and any other method deemed effective to rid the state of dissenting voices. We have seen this time and time again throughout history, leading to the death of hundreds of millions of people in Russia, China, Germany, Europe...

In a society where a majority of boys in the public school system are medicated as too aggressive, where masculinity is deemed a mental illness while any type of feminization such as gender dysphoria is celebrated with any criticism of the psychiatric disorder deemed criminal (Bill C-16 in Canada), and where men are actually jailed for their opinions (such as Tommy Robinson in the U.K.), it is quite easy to imagine how men will soon end up in "re-education" programs, where their "toxic masculinity" and basis for their hatred will be psychologically, and why not as well chemically or surgically addressed, until they are fully feminized with no opinion of their own. 

In other words, concentration camps.