We Shall Never Submit


Back to society after a couple of months in self-sufficiency with my pack in the arctic wilderness, and if I didn’t know better, western society would have me believe that Vikings were tree-hugging colored women and gender neutral vegan SJW’s on weed and shrooms.

As a matter of fact, within a decade, this will be the new official and only narrative about Viking culture.

But no matter what, we will never submit to this heretic retardation. Facts are facts, and we shall never get along with the new liberal narrative about our culture and history. We shall also make sure to pass our tradition on to our offsprings, while raising our boys as Vikings. Sure, if we did embrace liberal revisionism, destroying our culture and history in the process like the low lives at Grimfrost and pretty much every other organization, we’d make millions more. But we never will.

We will forever stand by the facts and truth about our identity as Norðmenn and by our beliefs. In life and beyond. No level of repression, harassment, or stigmatization will change this.

And the facts are pretty straight forward:

  1. Norse culture is a martial and (biological) male-dominated culture. It is a warrior belief system.

  2. Vikings were white.

  3. Vikings were sexist. Women just happened to have more rights than the rest of Europe at the time, which only meant they weren’t handled like disposable cattle. Women were housewives, didn’t have to consent for marriage or sex, couldn’t enter oaths, and never were warriors.

  4. Vikings enslaved, dicked (no term for rape in Old Norse, telling you something about consent), and killed incompatible cultures.

  5. Vikings primarily ate meat, fish and dairy. There was no such thing as vegan, or lactose-intolerant for that matter, Vikings. We could not have survived.

  6. Vikings didn’t do weed or mushrooms.

  7. And incidentally, male and females are biologically different. This is science.