A Discussion on Consent

We know how important to women discussing sexual consent may be. In celebration of International Women Day 2019, we are therefore honored to remind women of the fundamental principles of consent, in a few easy points.

  1. Being shirt less does not mean that you can make physical contact with us, or make any sexual comment, implications, or innuendo.. The way we dress, or not dress, is not an invitation to sex and believing otherwise is disrespectful, objectifying, and plain sexual harassment.

  2. Dicking you in the pussy, ass hole, or mouth once doesn’t mean that we will dick in any other hole, that we will dick you ever again, and it does not mean that you have the right to being dicked by us. Calling us, texting us, and otherwise harassing us for more dicking after a one night stand without our express consent is sexual harassment.

  3. Taking our dick in any of your orifices requires specific consent. For example, if we consent to giving you the honor to suck our dick, it does not mean that we consent to dicking you in the pussy or the ass hole. Our dick in any of your hole without our express consent is sexual assault.

  4. You shall obtain consent from us before you attempt to spoon us, or otherwise cuddle with us following sex. Groping us, without our consent, is sexual assault.

  5. You cannot ride our cock without our express consent. You cannot grab our dick our balls following intercourse without our consent. You cannot play with our nut sack while blowing us without our consent. This is sexual assault.

  6. You must obtain consent from us before any intercourse, ensuring that the parameters of our sexual encounters are clear. For example, we must obtain guarantee that you won’t use your teeth or provide a hollow blow while you suck our cock, and these guarantees must be made very clear prior to sexual intercourse. Teeth on our dick, or a hollow blow, is not the type of sex we will typically consent to, and as such, would constitute sexual assault. Similarly, you cannot keep riding our cock for a length of time that exceeds what we have consented to.

  7. Most importantly, remember that our semen is our property. Our essence. Our DNA. You cannot swallow our semen without our expressed consent, nor can you use our semen to fertilize your eggs without our express consent.

We are so happy we could take this opportunity to discuss consent. Happy fucking, and more importantly, happy International Women Day!