No, Geirmundur heljarskinn wasn't black...

The left is at it again, trying to rewrite history, this time claiming that Geirmundur Hjörsson, also known as Geirmundur heljarskinn (which literally translates to "skin like hel"), was... Black, therefore demonstrating, according to their limitless delusion, that Vikings were... Black.

Well. No.

Geirmundur heljarskinn Hjörsson was half Mongolian, half Norwegian. So, not black at all. He was just darker than your average Icelander/Norwegian, and he would have looked like pretty much like Björk. Just a bit darker.

He was referred to as the "skin like hell" simply because of the contrast to the otherwise extremely white Vikings, and also because he was particularly homely. Like, pretty bad.

If anything, what is referred to as the "skin like hell", and understood by some as the "Black Viking", merely demonstrates how white Vikings were... To the extent they'd call someone slightly darker from just being half Mongolian... Black...

Ah the irony! Liberals demonstrating how white Vikings actually were by showing a half Mongolian dude was seen as black!

Context is everything. :-)

(And yeah, the half Mongolian dude is why people like Psycho Björk in Iceland seem to have some Asian features)