The Other Side of "Valhalla"

One of our Danish Úlfhéðnar (and hybrid), and member of the Danish Special Forces, an exceptional fighter by all accounts, recently pointed out a very basic aspect of warfare that a vast majority of people do not consider when they think of Valhöll:

The duality of combat.

In other words, the fact that in any fight, there are at least two sides, and that those who were opponents on earth will be foes as well in whichever warrior hall they end up in, including Valhöll. Meaning, they will fight. A lot.

Here’s his take on the situation:

So, what would this mean for a dude like me? I don't pretend I am going to Vahöll, but in the event I am? Best case scenario, probably wishful thinking, my opponents and enemies may have fought with great honor in my views, so I'll just be buddy with them in the afterlife. This would be the case if I was to execute another warrior as rekksinsdómr (the warrior sentence), as this would require me to have a great deal of respect for the dude. However, chances are, the opponents I slain in combat will have rubbed me the wrong way. So what will I do then? I'll beat them and rape them senseless. Every night. With as much trauma to their ass as possible, so my seeds are better absorbed and my mark is indelible especially knowing other hybrids will go for it after me. I will make it as humiliating as possible, so they know I own their ass. I will also impede their ability to respond to my pheromones before I rape them so I cause more destruction on their ass and I will prevent them from reaching orgasm. Or maybe give them an epic one, so they know they are my bitch. Then I'll hand them over to my bros. By the next day, the dudes will have fully healed and recovered from their injuries and trauma. And I will do it all over again. The cycle will start all over again. Every night. And every following day, they will have recovered, for me to destroy their ass all over again, in a never ending cycle.

Pretty harsh, huh? And this is for another warrior… And quite credible considering the dude is over 7’ tall, and, naturally, quite difficult as he is Danish… :-)

Now, imagine for dudes who are not warriors…. His take again:

And the liberal cucks who think they are going to Valhöll... I'll beat them until they are near-unconsciousness, then rape them dry, blocking all pheromones so they are in agony, then impale and disembowel them. And start all over again the next day. Too bad I can't post this on FB to get a reality check to the Asatruars.

Well, my man, you can’t post it on FB, but we can make sure it reaches people on FB nonetheless… ;-)

Cucks of all genders, Asatruars, and other losers, who are offended by words, who think they are warriors for posting shit online, who are convinced they are “Valhalla-bound” for having “fought” cancer or prejudice following a sex change, and who see Valhöll as a safe space for losers… Some sort of Christian heaven… Well, looks like your up for a rough ride. Literally. ;-)