The Rise of Hatred against LGBTQ+

The modern gay social construct never was my thing. The idea of embraced feminization of men was in opposition to everything I stood for, my identity as a man, and my biological make up. I didn’t understand either how men into men tried not to be men… I mean, if you are into dick, shouldn’t you be seeking the real thing? I was more of a Spartan kind of guy I guess. But it was all about live and let live. If the gays wanted to parade half naked looking like women in cities and get married, fine, wasn’t my problem. As long as it didn’t affect me, I didn’t care. I also strongly believed in personal freedoms.

When the LGB (Lesbian Gay and Bisexual) added a T for Transgender (thereby invalidating the concept of Bisexuality, with “bi” being based on two genders), I started wondering about the direction they were taking. While homosexuality (and thus bisexuality) occurred naturally in most mammals, and was therefore natural, there were biologically only two genders. Switching genders, or coming up with new genders simply wasn’t natural. Claiming otherwise was, well, retarded. But again, I didn’t think too much about it. If anything, transgenderism was a mental illness that called for my pity, and maybe even empathy, rather than hatred.

Still, I remained quite indifferent to the whole gay thing, and very tolerant of whatever they wanted to do with their life. Even if this included chopping off their balls and slicing their dicks into a pseudo vagina in a desperate and pathetic attempt to ignore nature and the 2,000+ genes that separate men from women.

Recently, however, my tolerance and acceptance of the LGBTAHSNANAJSGAYBADMANAD++++ community, or whatever it has become at this point, has taken a serious hit. Acceptance and tolerance has turned into increasing contempt, intolerance and dislike. And I am not alone. Increasingly, those who were originally open to gay rights have been turning more and more intolerant, and are even transitioning to radicalization, leading to a substantial rise in actual hate crimes.

As a top tier operator, 7’ tall, ripped, super skilled as a man, excellent fighter, very comfortable within my “toxic” masculinity, my sexuality, and known for my psychological flexibility, I wanted to understand why I was developing such a dislike for the LGBTQ+ community. Especially considering my bisexuality, breeding women quite frequently to spread my genes (36 offsprings and counting), but much more inclined to smash ass, especially among Göndullsinsfornradinn (Cock Cult Corps, aka United States Marine Corps).

Was I actually becoming intolerant of other “men” just because they were feminized? Was I abhorring transgenders because of their mental illness? No. I wasn’t. I was simply responding to human beings who were just rotten to the core, which was completely unrelated to the LGBTQ+ thing.

Indeed, the LGBTQ+ community was no longer defined by their lifestyle or identity, but instead, by a mind blowing bigotry, intolerance and pathological disrespect for everyone and everything. LGBTQ+ people want everyone to respect their rights, but they have no respect for anyone else's rights. They demand and promote tolerance, but demonstrate intolerance at a fascist level. They claim to be opposing and fighting hatred, when they are in fact the most hateful community I have ever interacted with. Even beating DAESH (as in ISIS, Islamic State). They are also completely incapable of logical or analytic thinking, responding to anything and everything they dislike, with hysteria, intolerance and plain hatred.

While claiming sexual freedom, they want at the same time to control my sexuality and how I use my dick. Ostracizing me and even banning me from pretty much all online services for not wanting to dick transgenders, for not being willing to get head from actual fags (if I want a chick, I get the real thing), and from not being turned on by Asian dudes (I am by Asian chicks though). In the name of tolerance and inclusion, they have rejected and banned cops and military people from their groups and parades (see “Edmonton Pride Cancelled - Or the Intolerance of the Gay Community”). They want us to accept their emasculation as an identity, yet, cannot tolerate us as men and try everything they can to eliminate us, even trying to get our boys to become girls from an early age. While dreaming of sucking our dick of course. Because sex among gay men is entirely based on archetypes of masculinity, as all their pathetic attempts to be artificially more masculine in sexual contexts demonstrates. How many times have I been slandered and defamed by gay guys, for them to eventually beg me to suck my dick as I was the ideal man they all dreamed of?

The LGBTQ+ people have also pissed on everything we men hold sacred, including Forn Sidr, while demanding respect from us. Let’s all remember “Forn Sidr of America”, which not only appropriated the traditional ancient Norse warrior culture that is the absolute opposite to the LGBTQ+ thing (as a matter of fact, in the Viking age, the LGBTQ+ people would all have been executed), turning it into a despicable safe space for losers that would make any of the Æsir die from multiple aneurysms, but even stealing a name they knew to be a registered trademark protected in Norway, the United States and Canada. And when they got into legal trouble for it, they lied through their nose, claiming to their followers that they had been the victim of… a hate crime! (See “Forn Sidr of America a Fraud”) .

So, the result is that us men are developing an intolerance to the LGBTQ+ community. It is not based on their sexuality, identity, lifestyle, or whatever, but just on the fact they have become despicable cunts, and we men just don’t like despicable cunts.

Unless the LGBTQ+ people become better human beings, and do as they preach, they can expect gay rights to slowly go back several decades, while having to deal with increasing radicalization among otherwise tolerant men.