A Push Against Anti-White Hate

Listen to this college professor. Nicholas Powers, black professor at SUNY Old Westbury, writes in an article that has since been deleted but we have copies of: “white people begging us for food feels like justice. It feels like Afro-Futurism after America falls. It feels like a Black Nationalist wet dream. It has the feels I rarely feel, a hunger for historical vengeance satisfied so well I rub my belly.”

The most racist piece of shit in recent headlines for certain. Let us fight back against his racism for a moment and really hit the truth behind the anti-white  pro-black agenda. This professor’s self described research interests, according to his faculty page, include: marxism, feminist theory, surrealism and African American aesthetics.

Afro-futurism? When has any African nation ever had a future without white influence and white trade? Never, obviously. With a mean IQ of 78 for your entire race I imagine it is very hard to get things accomplished, such as: building roads, growing food, raising livestock, building houses not made of mud and feces, inventing medicine to save the lives of your own children you let drink cholera and parasite infested water because your race is too dumb to know not to dump human waste in their own water supply, not selling each other to jews and each other for the slave trade you blame white people for, which race still enslaves their own children for mining lithium, not cutting off your daughters clit because women with a clit cannot be trusted, killing each other in the millions for tribal beliefs, educating your children in (white)schools without gangsters enslaving them for pretty stones and gold flakes in the rivers, we don't do that in the US and we have diamonds and gold. 

Each African nation without a population of white people is a third world nightmare, each African nation that has white people has medicine, technology, safe building practices, educational opportunities, transportation, when is the last time you saw a vehicle that was labeled "made in Somalia?” and the list goes on and on. 

What your racism is...is envy. You envy that there is a people that have accomplished everything the world values while you have no claim to any world history, literally none that has contributed to the betterment of the world and humanity that does not include white people. You do have 3 million black slaves in the middle east, constant civil war for tribal reasons that don't matter, disease outbreaks that could be prevented by washing your hands, mass sterilized populations due to German and Baltic influence, enough farmland to feed the world but you don't know how to farm as a continent without white people, an AIDs epidemic that was likely created to get rid of your race because of the mean IQ of all blacks in Africa, an easily radicalized populace because there are no morals for low IQ people that don't understand you should NOT torture each other. Keep in mind that white people have been coming to Africa to try to help you out of these situations for over one hundred years, giving you free education, medication, agriculture equipment, technology and water treatment facilities and you have learned as a race and continent to do none of it. NONE. How much foreign aid has Africa given to any nation, ever?The only blacks in Africa that are trying to help themselves and each other are the black Christians that are being slaughtered by black Muslims.

I have a friend, a brother, I served with that is from Sierra Leone. A great man and a great leader. He hates American blacks more than any white supremacist I have ever met. He has a very easy and polite way of pointing out to those blacks just how lazy, entitled and spoiled American blacks are compared to the slums he grew up in and exists all over Africa. He joined the US Army to get his citizenship so that he could bring his wife and three daughters out of poverty and crime filled black neighborhoods. His unit, us, collected the thirty-five thousand dollars for him because of his character, sacrifice and willingness to fight with and for his brothers in arms. You do not have to be white to get help from your fellow man or woman. You have to be worth it. That is all it takes. Professor like this are entrusted to lead and set an example for younger Americans, to help bring people together through education and shared community. This is just another recent indictment of the American colleges in the cultural marxism battle the youth of America are embroiled in through no choice or fault of their own.

The world with not gain color blindness to race, it is okay to have in group preference. It is okay to have national pride in the race that you were born into and to support the preservation of that race and its culture. If you happen to have prejudice, distaste or aggressive feelings toward one race or another be disciplined enough to not let it affect how you treat people. Self-discipline is the mark of intelligence. Victim culture is a poison to American youth and politics that will destroy us from the inside without the need for subversion or armed conflict. 

Choose not to participate in the combined weakness members of groups will use as political and cultural victim cards. 

Original article: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-06-23/black-suny-prof-seeing-poor-white-people-makes-me-happy