End Police Extortion. Stop Financing Liberals.

Once upon a time, the purpose of police forces in Canada was to enforce the law. Charges and traffic violations were issued for this very purpose, to enforce the law of the land, and to maintain peace.

Then liberalism took hold.

Crime associated with cultural enrichment naturally went through the roof (an overwhelming majority of gang violence in Surrey, the city with the highest crime rate in Canada, involves individuals of South Asian background). Without being addressed of course, for two primary reasons: First one was to detract attention in Canada from a fact many other countries have long come to realize, namely that multiculturalism doesn’t work. Second is that actual law enforcement requires both balls and money, both of which liberals inherently lack.

Balls, they don’t have them, and gender being biological, nothing they can do.

But money, liberals need a lot of it, and manage to get it (debt is an amazing thing to liberals). It costs a lot of money to bring in millions of unskilled, unsuitable, and unadaptable migrants who will remain a drain on the country’s finances for their life and beyond, let alone when they bring in their ailing families. It takes a lot of money to artificially promote women for positions they would not otherwise qualify for if it wasn’t for having a vagina, and then finance their resulting incompetence. It takes a lot of money to promote transgenderism and to brainwash boys as young as 6 into getting their balls cut off and receiving hormone treatment for the rest of their life, because, hey, boys are evil, but girls are the future! And It takes a shit load money (no pun intended) to finance feminine hygiene products for women who apparently could not take care of their vagina without the patriarchy paying for it.

Liberals therefore decided long ago that the primary purpose of police was not law and order, but to finance their reckless and unsustainable agenda, and take money where it is: White men. Liberals didn’t have any ethical issues with this, because, well, white men are inherently bad, and the patriarchy is so evil and oppressive!

We are therefore at a point where police forces in Canada have become completely rotten to the core, and will ignore actual crime, electing instead to harass law-abiding white males over non-issues or insignificant matters with no effect on public safety, just to make money. So they harass white males and issue tickets for all sort or ridiculous alleged offenses, from having a beard, to their windshield having been hit by a tiny gravel, or for going 1km over the speed limit in a 100kmh zone.

The thing is, though, milking white males as a liberal source of revenue only works as long as violations are not challenged. Even going to traffic court will completely offset the revenue supposed to be generated by the violation ticket, and in most cases, will cost money to the state. If challenging the ticket on constitutional grounds, based on violations of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, pretty easy considering Canadian police systemic and documented absolute contempt for fundamental rights, the cost to the government can reach millions.

Ending police extortion and the financing of liberals is therefore in the hands of us white males. Those of us not Canadian should not only systematically dispute every single ticket received in Canada, but also never pay them even if they lose in court. And for those bros who are Canadian, they should, without exception, dispute violations in traffic court, and whenever their rights were violated, launch constitutional challenges that will clog the court system and make the liberal revenue system crumble.

A pain in the ass to dispute every ticket? Sure. But us white males really need to take a stand against totalitarian leftist governments that despise us but want to milk us to finance their globalist, diverse, and inclusive agenda that is undermining the very civilizations we have built with our blood and sweat.

Cover Photo: Deputy Chief Derren Lench of Central Saanich Police in British Columbia, Canada. Latest police force to face litigation for violating fundamental rights protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom and for unduly harassing yet another law-abiding man. Allowing, in the process, multiple drunk drivers to endanger public safety. Photo Source: Central Saanich Police