Voting for Either Political Side is Suicide

Alex Jones was outed as a WarnerMedia employee by his tax returns. Owned by Rupert Murdoch, the headliner tycoon for all American media. He owns CNN, FOX, ABC, MSNBC and NPR. WarnerMedia has bought almost all of the internet providers in our country through the sub companies of warner media and is now working on buying the cell phone providers. They have already purchased ATT. A complete and total monopoly, but controlled by different corporate boards, so legal, because they have different names. In a video of an infowars employee being questioned by police it shows that all their employees carry a Warner media press pass and not an infowars press pass. The Flat Earth Society has been shown to be something similar, that the arguments they make for a flat earth are deliberate misdirections to ideas that are incorrect. When tracked, you find that the employees of the largest flat earth organization are in fact, masons, employees of Warner media, registered crisis actors and former intelligence agents. Meanwhile, Eric Dubay, who is the founder of the international flat earth research society has had his site shutdown by the government on no less than three occasions. He has been sued, arrested and assaulted for telling the truth and compiling the lies the government tells that anyone can verify. He has not said anything that you or I cannot verify for ourselves with basic math, simple thermometers or telescopes and access to the internet. 

Controlled opposition. It is funded by the same people who are lying to the majority. The sponsored opposition is funded to drown out the smaller outlets that have the facts, the whistleblowers and the truth. Once the sponsored opposition has succeeded in their mission, they are defunded or de-platformed in a large media campaign with much coverage to hide the fact that they have been used to crush those that were telling the truth while serving the social agenda that the elite class has paid for. Trump is a Mason. We know this. His Presidency has stirred up more unrest than any president in at least the last hundred years. His election has divided the country on an unseen degree in American history since the civil war at least rivaling civil rights of the 1960s. Vietnam was close, but media was far more controlled as a unit and the sociological agenda we are beginning to see was not as far along as it is now.

What I see is that Trump is the counter culture trigger to the division between the left and right in America. Immigration on the scale that Europe has been conducting it is devastating. No other way to describe it. We see it in our southern states that border Mexico. This cannot continue without drastic changes occurring. Is it better to go through what Europe is going through without a population that supports mass migration or is it better to outrage the nation with claims of racism and discrimination to make them open the gates with arms and stupid smiles ready and welcoming. What I find most disturbing is the left, who hates government control on the surface, yet wants to give the government more authority to bring in an ideology that hates them. They have convinced the left that letting in islam will make them like them. The fuck?

However, if Hillary had been elected the right would have marched. Guns would have been taken, people would have died and the system would have collapsed. The gun carrying right is the productive side of the country, but not the side that gives the government more power with the rare exception of the boomers and the Bush Presidencies. That has always been the left. If the country collapses and the productive half of the country is killed or ousted from their productive lives the left cannot maintain the system. Trump allows the right to have some amount of restored faith in the country while the left slowly marches forward to destroy themselves and us. In each country that has had a socialist revolution, the left is used to create the chaos that allows the government to step in with military power to take extreme control over production and then the left is slaughtered shortly after those on the right that resist. The left is useless in production, they are only useful in academia and politics to subvert a productive system. They are easily brainwashed and easily programmed and have a desire to pass on their ideas. They are extremely physically lazy and intolerant of the uncomfortable. Working on a farm to provide food while maintaining their families is a form of slavery to them that should always be done by someone else while they reap the benefits. The right is extremely productive and works hard in basically every field they pursue but are generally not active in social society as a driving force of culture or politics. They are difficult to control, harder to force beliefs on and are uncooperative to social ideas that are clearly meant to harm them. A balance is required to successfully change the status quo of power when you have such a large population in a country as powerful as ours. If the system fails, all systems will fail except one. China. We have sold out to China but do not want to give our country to them physically, so the system has to remain running while the upcoming war is played out or all nations fall. As we look at the political climate in America we see two conflicting ideologies that are funded by the same people. The controlled opposition. Trump won because he was supposed to. It primes the left for war, it gives some restoration of faith to the right. Just enough to control both sides easily. 

SalterMitchell is a behavioral change marketing firm. It is a propaganda company specializing in crisis communication. They are present in all the media campaigns of school shootings, right wing terrorist attacks and political scandals. There are hundreds of these companies in the US. They are almost always founded by former intelligence agents. The FSU shooting media coverage had one “student” on CNN named Blair Stokes. No one knows her at the school, she is never present with any of the verifiable students while on television. Her social media profiles have her as a current employee of SalterMitchell as a public relations intern working in their media division and her former job was, FSView & Florida Flambeau Tallahassee, FL WVFS 89.7 FM radio and has a college degree from Florida State University. On CNN she is posing as a second year student who survived the FSU shooting. CNN followed her twitter and continued to push her tweets for six weeks after the shooting. This is after she was outed as a crisis actor. Her twitter profile even says she works for SalterMitchell. The left is that brainwashed. The right is that powerless. That is the state of our politics and the level of contempt the ruling class has for us.

Wilhelm Wundt, a German physician, psychologist, philosopher and professor outlined that people were stimulus response animals that could be trained easily by applying the correct stimuli to elicit a predicted response. His work has been perfected over the last century and we are victims of it. All of us. If that seems unlikely I would ask you to read The Leipzig Connection: Sabotage of the US educational system by Paolo Lionni. If you do not wish to read that book I understand, here is an alternative. The US school system always claims, always, that it needs more money to make their system work. The funding for schools has increased 11000% since 1930, with inflation adjusted. People are less capable now than they have been since the founding of our public education and it has been a gradual decline. More money equals less output. Seems odd doesn’t it? The three highest paid school districts in the country have the three lowest test scores and literacy rates and the highest dropout rates. Blame the city if you want but if money could fix the problem it would have been fixed. These three school districts have been the highest funded districts for thirty years. It has gotten worse. If you still want to blame the cities, then you could probably guess that they are also the highest paid social program cities in the country and you would be correct. Detroit, Chicago and Baltimore.

Conspiracy ridicule is a major tool utilized by the majority. They use it against the controlled opposition in controlled settings. It gives the impression that an idea or fact that the establishment does not recognize is irrational or outright crazy. It has been extremely effective and is used more at the controlled opposition than the legitimate opposition. The legitimate opposition is drowned out and shutdown by the powerful while the controlled opposition is given the platform to use and be heard being ridiculed. This tool is part of social programming. When you hear something outside of your conditioning you jump for the conspiracy defense because that is what you know how to do. It is hard to have your reality changed with easy facts right before your eyes and cognitive dissonance takes over. No matter how easy the proof is to see and replicate you would rather deny and label before you even come near questioning your mental conditioning. 

We have been programmed slowly to be dumb, obedient, unthinking, lazy, emotionally unbalanced and now most of us are too ignorant to break free of it. We pick a political side hoping our side will win. If both sides are funded by the same people, how will things change for our benefit? You guessed it. It won’t. Trump is the puppet that will allow the next worse political tool to take control and damn things beyond repair. The right would not have tolerated Hillary after eight years of Obama, that was evident. We needed a Trump to come in and reset the trust of the right in order to bring in the globalist that will use the outrage of the left to gain enough control of our country to disarm the population. It seems a clear plan by the controlling entities behind our political system. What we need to figure out is who is controlling it. They are never public. They are not the Soros’ we are told they are. The controlling elites are never in the public eye, that would be self defeating. They use heads of states, large global corporations and federal banks to drive the agenda but we do not know who they are. I hear the Rothchilds, Soros or similar level people and while I think they are near the top, they are decidedly not the top. That would be unwise and crash their ability to use their power effectively. I have heard from many sides that the ashkenazi jews are behind it all. A highly secretive and famously nepotistic grouping of families vying amongst themselves for the majority of control and I am starting to see that foot print in my research. The money seems to lead back to one or another family of jews that should not be the recipients of such benefits. Whether that is true or not the freemasons are absolutely involved. It has to be said that while they are an extremely powerful organization(s), as they are only centralized at the top, they are likely no more than the foot soldiers of power to somewhere near mid level management. Tools. 

Operation Orion, a CIA program to encourage mentally ill youth to engage in school shootings was uncovered in the 80s. The goal is to encourage the population to disarm themselves to protect children. Disarmament is the goal. As long as the population has firearms no plan to initiate authoritarian control can succeed as an action. Instead they are forced to take slow steps towards the goal. This is entirely frustrating to the elites. They have such a power complex that they are offended deeply that they cannot just exercise their will unimpeded. We annoy them, we make them spend money and waste their time pursuing their agendas while continuing to wake up. Maybe. The geopolitical agenda as a whole is becoming more clear and each step that is taken, whether for the left or the right is still leading to the future that is desired. That future is not to our benefit. One thing I agree with the elites about is that the population is too high. I do think that in order to attain stability and sustainability in this world the global population has to be kept under a certain number. An easy thing to say but a more difficult and more morally bankrupt idea to practice. How does one successfully lower the population without a mass genocide that will be remembered for hundreds if not thousands of years? The left has already forgotten the communist genocides of the twentieth century as nothing more than novelty. The answer seems to be create instability and revolution in each nation and clean up the undesirable survivors afterwords. The left cannot see that they are being used to create these revolutions and that they are the undesirables that will be gotten rid of in the aftermath. It happened in Soviet Russia, Maoist China, Mussolini in Italy and Nazi Germany. Venezuela is undergoing their socialist redistribution and approaching the murderous levels of Germany already. The violence has been intense but ignored by the media as yet. That is becoming harder to lie about. 

The top right wing leaders in industry, politics, academia and the military are killed first and the entirety of the useless left follows in revolution by the left. Some of the ideological left are ensconced in high level positions in academia and industry after but are soon shown to be incompetent in productive leadership and are slowly replaced with those on the right that are competent but fearful of the authoritarian regimes that have control. This leads to years of government indoctrination that children ultimately rebel out of as natural course. It happens every time. The nation becomes conservative again after economic collapse and the cycle begins anew. The tech companies mean to change that this time. They seem to intend to control and survey all thought through surveillance and predictive algorithms combined with vast amounts of data. If they can prevent the rebellious nature of the children of society then they can maintain control indefinitely and simply fight amongst themselves for power as was done in Old Rome and Ancient China. The level of artificial intelligence being employed in this stratagem is staggering and seems to be increasing exponentially. Hope is present, it controls parents thoughts and actions and is being pressed into revolution bit by bit. That seems to be the goal. Fight amongst each other to allow the governments to intercede with lethal force to maintain “safety” over liberty. If they want us to fight each other we should simply attack them instead.