The Rot of Canadian Police

On June 28, 2019, a white un-neutered bearded Norwegian male was stopped at a roadblock intended to charge drunk drivers in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He hadn’t had a drink in days, so there was no ground to hold him. However, a Canadian police officer was on a power trip, once again, and decided to make his life miserable, asking irrelevant questions, and looking for a reason to charge him with something.

The Norwegian male, as a result, decided to seek service in French (statistically, Francophone police officers in Canada are more fair and less morally corrupted). Because the police officer was part of the Integrated Road Safety Unit, part of the RCMP, and thus under federal jurisdiction, it was his right to seek service in either official language of Canada (English or French), at his discretion, and for any reason, even if he spoke English better. A fundamental right part of the Canadian Constitution and outlined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as the Canada Official Languages Act. Additionally, in a country where English (let alone French) is no longer the primary language of cities like Vancouver, and where governments bend over backwards to provide services to immigrants (often illegal), in Mandarin, Urdu, and Punjabi, enforcing official languages law is of particular importance.

The police officer, however, refused. On four occasions. Eventually charging the Norwegian male for… a gravel impact on his windshield… A charge that is unconstitutional as the driver was not provided service in the language of his choice, as per federal law. It is only after he was charged, and after he indicated he would not move his vehicle until his constitutional rights had been honored, that the Norwegian male was finally provided service in French, as per his fifth request.

Note that while the Canadian police officer was harassing the law-abiding and sober driver, at least 60 vehicles drove by. Statistically, at least a few of these drivers were drunk, and yet were allowed to proceed and endanger public safety. Because yet another Canadian police officer was on a power trip and had forgotten everything about ethics or morals.

Of course, the white un-neutered bearded Norwegian male has filed an action to dismiss the charge on constitutional grounds. Some white males, especially those who risk their life to provide police officers the freedom to be insufferable morons, just can’t accept to have their rights violated over non-issues of no significance whatsoever to public safety. This means that the courts will be tied up for months over a gravel impact on a windshield, arising out of a police officer showing absolute contempt for the rule of law. The cost to the taxpayers of Canada and British Columbia will be considerable. All while almost nearly daily violent murders in nearby Surrey go unaddressed.

Following the very recent Supreme Court of Canada decision in Joseph Roy Éric Bessette v. Attorney General of British Columbia, now requiring the Province of British Columbia to provide trials with Francophone judges, clerks, and crown prosecutor (rather than just interpreters) even for provincial offenses, the white un-neutered bearded Norwegian male will also require all proceedings in French, an additional significant cost to the government.

Never underestimate, however, the capacity of a liberal state to waste taxpayers’ money. So, it doesn’t end there.

The white un-neutered bearded Norwegian male also sought the name of the officer involved in order to initiate separate legal proceedings against him. He therefore attended the Central Saanich Police headquarters, where the officer assigned to the RCMP was believed to be from, and inquired about his name based on his badge number.

First, Central Saanich Police lied about the officer involved, claiming he wasn’t one of their own, while being adamant he was an officer with Saanich Police (a different police force, as inept and corrupted as Central Saanich). Upon showing a photo of the violation and badge number on his handheld device, a female clerk tried to grab his device. He said no and pulled it from her. His concern was that she would delete evidence from the device. She kept trying. He kept saying no. He actually had to physically prevent her from taking his device. Eventually, she became hysterical, screamed she wouldn’t steal it, and called him rude and abusive, advising him she would no longer provide service. Had a male tried to do this with a female, he would have been charged with assault. But apparently, no only means no when coming from a woman. The Norwegian guy asked to see a supervisor. A police officer later showed up and instead of providing the information the white un-neutered bearded Norwegian male had requested, namely the name of the officer who had charged him, as per BC's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, he took him to an interview room, in an attempt to intimidate him, locked himself up with him, and then proceeded with attempting to coerce him into not proceeding with litigation and not even disputing the traffic violation charge. Of course, it didn’t work, and the only thing Central Saanich Police achieved was to aggravate the Norwegian guy further.

The white un-neutered bearded Norwegian male then proceeded to attend the headquarters of Saanich Police, to verify whether the officer was one of their own. Unfortunately, in Canada, it appears that Police officers are incapable of professionalism, ethics, morals, or just of doing their job. So the Saanich Police supervisor went on a power trip as well, and provided completely incoherent information. Namely that the officer involved in the dispute wasn’t one of their own, but that he wouldn’t provide the name (when he would only be able to do so if officer was indeed from his own police force) to protect his privacy and because he was concerned the white un-neutered bearded Norwegian male would go after the officer. Yes, really.

Well, if you are an officer issuing charges against some guy, sorry, but there is no such thing as privacy. Again, part of the Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and a tenant of modern western society: Anyone has the right to face their accuser, and yes, this includes knowing their identity. If cops want privacy, and are afraid of some Norwegian guy over a traffic violation, they either need to grow a pair or to consider a career change. Furthermore, if the officer involved in the dispute was not part of Saanich Police, then the Saanich Police supervisor had no access to his name, and had no jurisdiction to disclose his name. So, what was the Saanich Police officer supervisor trying to say, blinded by his power trip? Quite frankly we have no clue, neither does the white un-neutered bearded Norwegian male who lost patience and just walked out.

As a result of the additional aggravation, and let’s no fool ourselves here, cover up by multiple police forces, the white un-neutered bearded Norwegian male initiated additional proceedings: A complaint against the RCMP with the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP, a complaint against the RCMP with the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, a complaint against Central Saanich Police with the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner of British Columbia, and another complaint against Saanich Police with the same agency. This is addition to proceedings in provincial court, possibly all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada again, for the original Charter violation…

A cost to the taxpayers of British Columbia and Canada that will be at least an estimated $50,000 in the best case scenario, and several million dollars depending on how everything makes its way through the courts, and how much Canadians keep aggravating the Norwegian guy.

All this over a $109 traffic violation that should have never been issued in the first place, and certainly not while violating fundamental constitutional rights, with a subsequent attempt to cover it up.

Well, it certainly looks like Canadian liberals may have to look elsewhere for money to finance feminine hygiene products for Canadian women. Doesn’t appear it is going to come from us Nordics.

Update: 4 July 2019

Canadian police now trying to silence the media: Central Saanich Deputy Police Chief, Derren Lench, upon being confronted by a party to the upcoming lawsuit that his force had now tampered with evidence, responded by indirectly threatening us, United States Marines, with criminal charges for hate speech in Canada over this article…