Wolves, sacred animals for us Úlfhéðnar, are subjected to persecution the world over. In Canada, wolf killing contests for cash prizes are offered in northern communities. In British Columbia and Alberta, the government is killing thousands of wolves through wolf cull programs, supposedly to protect caribou, whose dwindling numbers are in fact the result of out of control resource exploitation and loss of habitat. In some instances, provincial agencies even use Strychnine, a poison banned in the rest of the developed world. In the United States, state authorities systematically eliminate wolves supposedly to protect livestock, when research shows that the killing of wolves actually increases livestock depredation. In Europe, wolf extermination programs, originally initiated by the church many centuries ago, still continue despite extremely low animal numbers, with the species being extirpated from most of the continent.


All funds from the Wolf Protection Tax (WPT) are used for the protection of wolves. This includes, but is not limited to, financing other group and organization conservation efforts, supporting wildlife rehabilitation centers, acquiring hunting rights to prevent wolf hunting, purchasing land to create wildlife reserves, or engaging in any activity that will otherwise further the protection of wolves.


However much you want it to be! This is entirely voluntary, so it can be as little a $1, and the sky is the limit! 

With any payment, you will also get a Úlfhéðnar certificate, showing your support, in the name of your choice.

It will remind you, as well as anyone else really, that you are a protector of the Norse most sacred animal. soulmate of all Úlfhéðnar, the wolf.

If we don't do it, who else will?