Æsir: Þórr: Battle and Men

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Battle, oak trees, thunder, lightning, wind, rain, destruction, and regeneration. Also Mjölnir: The most feared weapon of all Æsir, which fell on earth as a meteorite, and capable of knocking out giants, and knocking down mountains, with only one throw (and of course, always coming back to Þórr). Reið: Þórr’s chariot pulled by two goats, Tanngrisnir (teeth-barer) and Tanngnjóstr (teeth-grinder). Bilskirnir (Þórr’s hall in Þrúðvangar). Also known under different names, including Sönnungr


Þórr is the son of Óðinn (leading Áss), and Jǫrð (a giantess, whom may be the same person as Frigg and Freya). He is married to Sif (Ásynja of harvest and jötunn), with whom he has a daughter, Þrúðr. He also has two sons, Móði (angry) and Magni (strong), from an affair with Járnsaxa


Þórr is one of the most significant and powerful Áss. He has red hair and a red beard. He is the protector of Ásgarðr, home of the Æsir tribe, as well as Miðgarðr, home of men. 

During Ragnarøkr, Þórr will kill, and be killed, by his archenemy Jǫrmungandr, a sea serpent large enough to surround all of the earth and even grab his own tail, who is also the middle child of Angrboða and Loki.