Listen to Norse tunes while you review information about the Hall of Víkingaherr.


Víkingahöll (the Hall of Víkingaherr) is an organization-owned restricted Google+ online community exclusively open to those who have reached a rank within the organization, namely Hirðmenn, Hersar, Berserkir, or Úlfhéðnar, and therefore, who area members of Víkingaherr.

Subject to security clearance, access to Víkingahöll is also provided on a probationary basis to Hirðmaðr trainees until they achieve a rank, so they may start networking with other Hirðmenn right away and interact with instructing Úlfhéðnar.



The Víkingahöll G+ Community is owned and controlled by NORSKK at an organizational level, rather than Google. The group is therefore not subjected to any censorship from Google whatsoever, and unlike other public (or private) Google Communities, there isn’t even a function to report any post as offensive or prohibited. Our organization simply retains full control over the community, its members, and its contents.

All members of Víkingahöll are therefore able to post materials at their discretion in addition to responding to posts, with no outside censorship from Google, and even without a function to report any material to anyone.


Víkingahöll is the main forum for communications with respect to the Hirðmaðr course. Víkingahöll is also a good option to connect with other bros for various purposes, including future training (all camps require pairing), as well as tribe and unit building.


Unlike Facebook and other “free” social media platforms, your personal information and data, as well as your online behavior and activities, are not tracked, stored, shared or otherwise exploited by Google for any commercial purposes. As a matter of fact, we own your personal data, and we do not share it as per our rules. Beyond protecting your privacy, this also means that your personal information is not used by large corporations to brainwash you and manipulate you. Anything that is said in Víkingahöll Google+ Community therefore remains in Víkingahöll Google+ Community.


Enhanced security, including 2-Step-Authentication requirements for access, automatic wipe out of your device after entering the wrong password a given number of times (very useful when crossing borders), remote wiping of your device if it ever gets compromised, increased online community security and thus freedom of speech, etc…


Gmail email account with Víkingaherr, using the format, with full functionalities, storage, and no ads within the Google+ Online Community or within your Gmail account. Access to 5GB of storage with Google Drive, as well as use of Google Calendar, Google Notes, and other Google Apps.


Easy. You just need to subscribe! (Subject to our Rules)

How much? Well, it isn’t free anymore… Privacy and security have a cost. And following Google’s Announcement that Consumer G+ Groups and Communities were being phased out, a free option is no longer available.

But it’s still pretty cheap: $60* a year or 16 cents a day.

(Note: We do not have any margin or profit with Gmail/Google+ subscriptions. We are charging the very same amount Google is charging our organization per user. Also, note the subscription is non-refundable.)

* Google is expected to increase annual price per user to $72 a year as of 13 June 2019. Those who sign up or renew after May 2019 may be subjected to new pricing.