Sweden: Unfit for Combat

Looking past the blatant message of hatred towards white males on full display in the latest Swedish military recruitment ad, one is to realize the complete failure of the Swedish military as a defense, let alone offense force, with the feminist government completely abandoning combat readiness, and electing instead to openly and publicly promote discrimination against combat-ready white men, in the name of gender “equality”, “diversity”, and “inclusion” .

Because visuals are more compelling than words, here is the latest Swedish military recruitment video, followed by the latest Russian military recruitment video for contrast.

Beyond the national security aspect to the rest of Scandinavia of a clearly failed Swedish military -it is evident that Försvarsmakten would be incapable of engaging in any sort of combat- this latest recruitment campaign raises fundamental questions about Scandinavian identity. What is a Nordic man more likely to associate with? Sweden promoting emasculation of, and hatred against men while excluding them from their own country’s military? or Russia promoting a combat-ready military that embraces the core and fundamental traits and characteristics of men?