The VIkinG Code


Aræði is defined as more than just courage. It has an element of boldness, of being dangerous and daring, and also willing to attack. Without the aspect of bravery often associated with not thinking straight, and thus, not having control over oneself.

We brave and endure difficulties, danger, pain, and duress. We overcome our fears. We act with courage and sometimes bravery. We do what is right even in the face of adversity.

HONOR - Heiðr

Heiðr goes beyond the simple modern concept of honor, as it directly links honor to self-worth, and thus, makes honor a fundamental and essential aspect of a man's very identity.

We carry out, act, and live the values of the Víkingar Code, as well as those of respect, fairness, honesty, good qualities of character, and high standards of behavior. 


Styrkr is more than physical and mental strength, as it also includes elements of force, mastery of core skills (such as archery), and even violence.

We train and shape our mind, body, and soul to be strong. We control our willpower. We develop and improve our fighting capabilities and skills.  

BROTHERHOOD - Bróðurleikr

Bróðurleikr involves a concept of brotherhood that is not religious, but instead more military, brotherly, fraternal, and sometimes similar to, or more powerful than, a blood connection.

We nurture friendships with each others for life and beyond. We constantly increase the cohesion between us. We always have each other's back. 

LOYALTY - Einarðar

Einarðar goes well beyond loyalty. It is not just being faithful. It is deep, determined loyalty of a special kind, right to the core.

We bear true faith and allegiance to our brothers and to the Víkingar Code. We trust, we believe in, and we devote ourselves to our brothers. 


Dygðar associates integrity with virtue, as well as actual virtuous deeds. As such it goes beyond abstract concepts to refer specifically to an individual's actions.

We do what is morally and ethically right, no matter the consequences. We are honest, we speak the truth, and we do not deceive our brothers. 


Agi adds an element of constraint and even restraint to discipline, with a strong concept of self-control directly associated with free will.

We obey the Víkingar Code. We stay true to the goals we have set for ourselves and our brothers while remaining flexible. We master our mind and soul to achieve self-control.


Fastheldi represents at the same time determination, perseverance, and tenacity.

We act and behave with strength of character, resolve, resoluteness and firmness of purpose. We do not give up and we get things done. 

SIMPLICITY - Metnaðarleysi

Metnaðarleysi expresses satisfaction with one's traditional, primitive and basic life as a man and warrior, in harmony with natural and primal processes. It embraces the simple life and what makes life simple. It rejects opportunistic ambition, often achieved at the cost of honor, loyalty, and integrity, and dismisses the need for wealth, fame, and privilege.

We remain free from extravagance, luxury, complexity, intricacy, privilege, and complications. We are natural and traditional. We are humble. 


Note that this Code is in its original form, in Rök, and in norrœnt mál (Old Norse). As a result, spelling as well as meaning of some terms will vary from modern Icelandic or modernized use of runes.

In addition, all terms are nominative indefinite singular, except Dygðar and Einarðar, which are genitive indefinite singular. The reasons are unknown. This is however how the Code is in its original form, and also how it has been passed on from generation to generation.

Skjǫldrinn, Mannalög, natturústeinn 3/9 (around 800 CE)