Listen to Norse tunes while you review information about this course. Yeah, track sounds Gregorian, and thus Christian... Nothing like it to get Berserkir into rampage mode!



Berserkir (singular Berserkr) are crazy viking warriors who are intertwined with the spirit of bears, and who are associated, often metaphorically, with the wearing of bear skins. Berserkir are also known for entering apparently uncontrollable trances, naturally and without the use of any mood-affecting substances, resulting in violent expression of Óðr, such as biting their wood shields to ultimately reach battle fury. 

Berserkir, like Úlfhéðnar, were used as shock troops by King Haraldr hárfagri, and he would have been unsuccessful in his quest to unify Nóregr (Norway) without them.  

Berserkir are frequently attested in Norse oral traditions, as well as Norse culture and texts, including in Hervarar saga ok Heiðreks (The Saga of Hervör and Heidrek). This includes Angantyr and his 11 brothers, all known for being berserkir, and for their association with Tyrfing. As described in Hervararkviða, the  magic sword cuts through anything like clothes, and kills a man every time it is unsheathed.

The Swedish King’s champions, Hjalmar, decided that he deserved the princess Ingeborg more than Hjörvard, one of the 12 berserkir. The king, to avoid having 12 known Berserkir become uncontrollable in his hall, suggested the princess should have the final word. She selected Hjalmar, prompting Hjörvard to challenge him to a hólmganga on Samsø. The 12 brothers went berserk as soon as they arrived on the island, bit their shields, screamed uncontrollably, and by the time Hjalmar and his bro Ǫrvar-Oddr had arrived, they had cut all their men into pieces. Ǫrvar-Oddr slain the 11 brothers with a club, while Hjalmar engaged Angantyr. Hjalmar killed Angantyr right before being mortally wounded by Tyrfing.




Berserkir are defined by superior levels of skills and spirituality. They are experts at channeling their strength and energy, and they excel in various fundamental skills, including combat, archery, and survival. Berserkir are masters of all things Víking, as well as crazy víkingar and survivormen.


Phase 1: This first phase of training is conducted over the course of 3 weeks, within one general area, and develops various skills in greater depth, which specific details are only discussed with you if you are selected for training.

Phase 2: This second phase only applies to those wishing to join a Berserkir unit and is conducted over the course of 6 months, in several countries, and covers additional skills, including tactical, to ready Berserkir for combat operations. Candidates in this second phase receive a monthly stipend consisting of an average of military pay in Norway and the United State.


Meeting specific performance standards is not enough to pass the course. Only half of the participants will indeed be allowed to graduate. This means that you must both meet specific standards and be better than half of the guys in your group in order to become a Berserkr. In addition, as with Hersir training, your graduation must not be opposed by other members of your group or by any Úlfheðinn.

Yeah, when we say that Berserkir are super crazy Víkingar beyond any level, we really mean it.

Graduation rate cannot be higher than 50%.



Berserkr training is by invitation only. Meaning, no, you can't just sign up for it. We approach you if we think you're Berserkr materials after you've not only completed Hersir training, but demonstrated that you were one of the best Hersar around.

Now, let’s face it, your chances of becoming a Berserkr are not terribly high... We're talking about less than 1 Hersir out of 10 having what it takes.

Berserkr training requires the swearing of a secrecy oath (and we Víkingar take these things very seriously). So, don't expect us to post to many photos and details about much as it relates to Berserkir.

Life Challenge


Berserkr training is harder and tougher than what you could possibly imagine. It is most likely to be the most difficult thing you will ever do in your life. Expect severe pain, cold, misery, injuries, major suffering, both physical and psychological, and probably a nervous breakdown at one point or the other. Nah, we won't show pictures.

And yeah, you have to draw the NORSKK symbol on your chest out of fresh blood at some point during training, in case you're wondering. But this really, really is a very tiny and negligible detail...



Berserkr training includes many life skills that are not limited to an in-depth review of Norse traditions and culture, or what it means to be a crazy hardcore Víkingr. 



We are Norðmenn after all, so the Berserkr training also includes a good deal of wilderness skills specific to higher latitudes. Yes, it does involve freezing your ass off in the middle of nowhere.



Berserkir are also warriors. As a result, phase 2 of training also includes military-specific skills.  HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) jumps being just part of it all. 

Bragging Rights


The very Berserkr designation is the ultimate bragging right. You also get the Berserkir patch, as well as the right to use the NORSKK emblem in red.

There are very few guys who ever make it as a Berserkr, and as a result, Berserkir have a very high social status within Víkingaherr. As a Berserkr, you are also able to run your own NORSKK courses.

Berserkir also automatically earn a Certified Wilderness Instructor certification through PAWGI (Professional Association of Wilderness Guides and Instructors).



Beyond the bragging rights, as a Berserkr, you are given the option to be integrated into a Berserkir Hirð (Unit) under the command of a Úlfhéðnar Hirð, and thus work within Jómsvíkingar. Subject to various conditions, including completing a probationary period.


Before you contact us to inquire about Berserkr training, make sure you have reached the Hersir (aka Wild Víkingr) level. Earning the Hersir designation does not guarantee you'll get Berserkr training, as this level is highly competitive, requiring you to really stand out as one of the best. 

Berserkr training doesn't cost a thing (you will still need to make your way to the location of Phase 1 of training). Really. We are taking it upon ourselves to turn men with real potential into true Víkingar so they can pass on the skills and knowledge while maintaining Old Norse traditions. It’s kinda a kick in the butt of evolution. We need more Víkingar and real men, not more argir.