Listen to Norse tunes while you review information about this course.


Being a Hersir means being a wild Víkingr with proficiency in several fundamental primitive skills, including combat, archery, and survival.


Hersir training is conducted over the course of 3 weeks in several locations, namely Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Canada and the United States (mostly all Víkingr places).

Hersir training covers Primitive Survival, Traditional Archery, Traditional HuntingTraditional Norse Skills, Traditional Norse Life, and Cohesion. In order to pass the course, you must meet specific performance standards, and your graduation must not be opposed by other members of your group or by any Úlfheðinn.

Graduation rate is currently at 65%.




To attend Hersir training, you must be 18-year or older, you must have reached the level of Hirðmaðr (aka Víkingr Trainee), and you must apply with a recommendation from a Úlfheðinn. Then, assuming you are fit enough, motivated enough, committed enough, and overall good enough, you'll be given the opportunity to attend training, at not cost to you (that's right). 

Free training doesn't mean any moron can take the course and be turned into a Hersir (or Wild Víkingr). All things considered, and for one reason or another, only about 10% of all Hirðmenn make it to Hersir Training.

At the end of the day, invitation to a Hersir training camp is at our discretion. When and where we run Hersir training camps is also our decision, with no guarantee of location and/or frequency.



Hersir training is tough. It's about going back to a primal state, returning to the roots of what being a man is all about, becoming wild again, and ultimately, a Wild Víkingr. You'll be practicing ancestral Norse skills, including primitive survival, archery, hunting, shelter building, as well as glíma (hand to hand combat). You'll immerse yourself in Forn Siðr, or Old Customs, embrace what ancestral Norse culture and traditions are all about, and develop cohesion with other bros.

Depending on season and location, you will be expected to survive in the wilderness for 3 weeks, with very limited clothing and footwear (often only a pair of shorts), with your choice of only one tool/weapon, along with some bros. Clearly, becoming a Hersir is not for wimps, as substantial discomfort, pain, and misery is to be expected. To say the least. Besides, let's be real here, not all men can become Víkingar.



You will be putting to practice what you have previously learned during Hirðmaðr training. You will actually be taking it a step further by going primal, with no much more than one tool/weapon, as well as a pair of shorts, to survive in the wilderness for a full 3 weeks. 



You will learn and practice an ancestral Norse skill, archery, using a primitive traditional long bow that you will learn how to hand-make yourself out of Pacific Yew. All under the supervision of Ullr, Norse god of archery.



You will learn how to catch your own food, how to skin and field dress an animal with your knife or a more traditional hunter's axe. You will learn how to use all parts of a kill, from meat and bones, to pelt and fur.



You will learn how to build emergency, short-term, and long-term shelters suitable for your environment, circumstances, and the seasons.

TRADITIONAL norse skills


You will also learn and practice other ancestral and traditional Norse skills, including the art of glíma (grappling/wrestling/hand to hand combat), so you can settle disputes the Viking way, with hólmganga!



You will go back to the essentials of traditional Norse life, where you live a simple life in harmony with your surroundings, embracing your fundamental male characteristics.



You will go through hell with other Norse brothers, and will develop, as a result, cohesion and relationships that will survive the test of time and modern life.

Bragging Rights


Oh man, fuck the wall certificate for this one (although we can still give you one if you insist). You'll get instead the HERSAR patch... Officially bestowing the Hersir designation upon you.

You will also be granted a new status as a Hersir within Víkingaherr (The Viking Brotherhood), with a much higher level of recognition within the brotherhood! 

Last but not least, you will automatically receive a Certified Specialized Guide (CSG) certification, with Survival Specialization, through PAWGI (Professional Association of Wilderness Guides and Instructors).

And if you did well, you may be selected to be trained as a Berserkr... AKA Crazy Víkingr, Master of all things Víkingr, and independent instructor.

Get Started

Before you apply for Hersir training, make sure you have reached the Hirðmaðr (aka Víkingr Trainee) level. Earning the Hirðmaðr designation does not guarantee you'll get Hersir training, but it is required to even look at the possibility of receiving actual field training.

Once you do earn the Hirðmaðr level, and once you are very fit, motivated, as well as committed, you can apply, and we can start talking... Deeds, no words...