Listen to Norse tunes while you review information about Víkingaherr status levels and ranks.



Víkingaherr includes several ranks/status levels within the brotherhood. Reaching any such rank, and swearing an oath of secrecy, are requirements to become part of Víkingaherr


Hirðmenn have essential knowledge of Forn Siðr, theoretical knowledge of survival techniques, as well as a basic understanding of the warrior spirit. Hirðmenn have further committed to living by the Víkinga Code, and are held at a high standard of manhood. Hirðmenn are united through common Norse values, whatever their background or geographic location may be.

Those training to become Hirðmenn are able to join the restricted Víkingahöll (the Hall of Víkingaherr, a restricted online community) on a probationary basis until they achieve a rank, so they may start networking with other Hirðmenn.


Hersar have a proven knowledge of Forn Siðr. They are wild Víkingar with demonstrated proficiency in several fundamental primitive skills, including combat, archery, and survival. Hersar are also defined by superior fitness levels, as well as a good understanding of the warrior ethos. Hersar are committed as well to applying the fundamentals of the Víkinga Code to their lives, and are held at a very high standard of manhood, as well as behavior.

Hersar are very strongly encouraged to recruit, manage, and lead their own horde, to promote Norse culture and values, and to uphold fundamental and traditional male characteristics.


Berserkir have an advanced knowledge of Forn Siðr as well as norrœnt mál, and they are defined by superior levels of skills and spirituality, as well as exceptional physical fitness. Berserkir are experts at channeling their strength and energy, and they excel in various fundamental and primitive skills, including combat, archery, and survival. Berserkir are models of manhood and behavior, and represent the ideal Víkingr within and outside of Víkingaherr

Berserkir are able to offer various training programs. They are the image of Norse culture and values, and what a man should be.


Úlfhéðnar are born. Not made. They have developed their underlying potential in their blood, genes, and spirit. They also are masters of all things Norse. Úlfhéðnar have got the spirituality, the mental, the physical fitness, the knowledge and the skills (ranging from survival and martial, to healing, or even the ability to reach altered states of consciousness). 

Úlfhéðnar are organized into units (Hirðirmade up of twelve males. They live as a war band under whose level of organization remains at the discretion of each unit.


Modern times make regrouping with other bros essential. Here's everything you need to know about Víkingaherr (The Viking Brotherhood), its ranks, how to be assigned to a unit, or how to become part of a local tribe.