Yfir: Afterlife

As a Víkingr, your social status, your deeds and achievements during your lifetime, as well as how you died, will determine where you end up after death. Ultimately, Skuld (one of the 3 Nornir) decides of your afterlife after she reads the tapestry of your life and all your deeds woven by Verðandi (her sister).

The length of your life is always decided by Urðr, the eldest of the 3 Nornir, at the time you are born. How you spend the time allocated to you on Miðgarðr (earth), however, is entirely up to you. You must therefore always strive to be the best at what you do to get a shot at ending up with your favorite god, otherwise, you’ll just end up in Hel.

You are one of the best hermenn

The best hermenn (warriors) who die in battle are normally divided in two groups. Half goes to Glaðsheimr in Valhöll with Óðinn, and the other half goes to Sessrúmnir in Fólkvangr with Freyja. However, if you’re a konnungr (king), jarl, or hersir (assumed to be an excellent warrior), or if you are an Úlfheðinn or Berserkr under Úlfhéðnar command as part of the Skjǫldrinn covenant of 748, you join Týr at his hall, Valaskjálf, whether or not you die in battle.

You are A HERMAÐr, or one of the best karls or þrælar

The remaining Hermenn (soldiers), who have not achieved warrior status, and/or who do not die in combat, together with the best Karls (freemen, farmers, etc…), as well as the best þrælar (workers/slaves) still end up in Ásgarðr. They however join Bilskirnir, Þórr’s hall in Þrúðvangar

You are one of the best in your field

You will still go to Ásgarðr, but your final destination will be based on your profession. Half of the best veiðmenn (hunters) goes to Ýdalir with Ullr, and the other half goes to Þrymheimr (Skaði’s hall). The best merchants and fishermen go to Nóatún (Njörðr’s residence). If you drown, though, Ægir will claim you! The best lawmen go to Glitnir with Forseti. Læknar (doctors and healers) join Eir at her hall, Skimmer. People involved in the art of divination go to Sökkvabekkr, Sága’s hall. Essentially, if you are the best in your profession, you end up with the god associated with your field.

You are a good man, but not one of the best in your field

Basically, you lived an average honest life. You will end up in Hel, which is ruled by the goddess Hel. Do not panic, though, as you will go to the Lundar area (peaceful wilderness) where it is always summer, and where there’s a permanent all-you-can-eat buffet! You will also only see Hel’s beautiful half. All in all, a marked improvement from your average life on earth.

You are a bad man

Criminals, níðingar, traitors, oath breakers, and liars (yes, not keeping your word is a big no-no for us Víkingar) will end up in Hel, but in the not-so-nice Niflhel area.  The place is a constantly frozen swamp inhabited by demonic spirits whose only goal is to constantly chase you. A black river separates this desolate place from Narstrand, a beach of náir (corpses). There you will find a building entirely made of interwoven snakes that constantly spit their venom in the center of the hall, creating an entire pool and river of venom. The worst of the worst, namely the oath breakers and liars (told ya, we Víkingar don’t take lying lightly) bathe in that river of venom for eternity. Of course, all the bad guys only see the ugly, rotten half of Hel. Never her beautiful side.