Vikings in Canadian Arctic

By Christopher Bjørnsen


Parks Canada, whose lack of scientific integrity goes hand in hand with the Harper Regime rewriting of history, would have you believe that the Canadian Arctic was first explored and discovered by the British about 180 years ago.

The Canadian government extensively refers to the ever so glorious Franklin Expedition (so glorious indeed, that the crew members all ended up eating each others) through TV ads, youtube videos (which do not allow comments), and even stamps. 

At the same time, the Canadians are also silencing archeologists such as Dr. Sutherland, going as far as preventing access to their research, for the sole purpose of denying the inconvenient reality in the context of Arctic claims by Nordic countries, that we, Víkingar, were the first to settle the Canadian Arctic.

Indeed, the Canadian Arctic, and more specifically Baffin Island, was settled by the Vikings over 1,000 years ago, about 200 years before the Inuits, and several hundred years before other Europeans, or the Franklin expedition for that matter.

No propaganda can change history.