Tend and Befriend

Any of us males not previously subjected to any biological tampering (including but not limited to chronic female toxicity, exposure to endocrine disrupters, and social conditioning for gender neutralization) will inherently see a caravan of migrants set on illegally crossing our borders as a threat. Our innate biological and evolutionary response will therefore be to flight, or for most of us, fight.

Such response is entirely analytic and evolutionarily essential to our survival. We, as men, are wired to logically assess threats, and logically respond to such threats. A caravan of migrants about to enter our territory is a threat. They are a threat to our limited resources, they are a threat to our way of life we worked hard to achieve, they are a threat to our culture, they are a threat to our ethos (by fleeing their country instead of fighting for it), and they are a threat to our societal order (as demonstrated by their absolute disregard for our laws in wanting to cross our borders illegally). They are a threat to our survival.

Yet, the common consensus in the western world is that the caravan of migrants should be allowed to ignore our laws, to enter our countries, and to be entitled to an American life they have never earned. The socio-economic and security issues the migrants present are completely discounted. Our finite resources not able at this point to even take care of our own people are not even remotely considered. The threat is simply ignored. This is a completely emotional response. A tend and befriend reaction consistent with female (and feminized) behavior and brain.

In a gender-balanced society, the female tend and befriend emotional response to threats is complimentary to the primary male flight or flight instinctive and analytic reaction. Each evolutionary and gender-specific innate brain response balances the other. This counterbalanced biological response has been essential in ensuring the thriving and survival of our species for hundreds of thousands of years.

A gender imbalance, either through (socially artificial) female dominance or institutionalized gender-neutralization seeking the elimination of male traits, is not sustainable on the long term as it undermines our evolutionary genetic make up, and thus, the survival of our western civilization and ultimately species.

The effects of the tend and befriend emotional response to the majority of issues facing our societies (many of which would not even exist without such response in the first place) are already showing across the developed world, from cultural annihilation, lowered standards of living, and the promotion of mediocrity and dysfunctionality, to widespread environmental degradation. We, as a species, are currently devolving precisely because of a gender imbalance undermining our adaptation and ultimately survival.

Worse yet, the tend and befriend response is only applied to actual threats and not afforded to one’s own people or tribe. This is how our feminized society wishes to protect terrorists, actual rapists, parasites, and other actual threats at all costs, while wanting to destroy the very men who are the foundation of western civilization, and not only are not a threat, but are the very reason society has been able to survive so far.

The now dominant tend and befriend emotional response of female and feminized brain will be the demise of western civilization and our species.