Are You a Man?

Defining what makes a male a man is difficult. It however involves those fundamental and natural evolutionary traits and characteristics that allowed for the survival of our species. Lacking such traits is therefore a pretty good indication of emasculation and a male not meeting the standards for a man.

Certain behaviors, features, and ideology suggest such emasculation in a modern male:


Liberalism involves the loss of any survival instinct as an individual and species, as well as severe analytical impairment. The very traits that allowed our kind to survive and thrive, and that are essential to any man. You cannot reasonably have any survival instinct left if you are in favor of open borders, the sharing of your finite resources, or the annihilation of your culture and identity.

Equality and Feminism

Those who think that males and females are equal (gender are not biologically equal) simply demonstrate they do not meet the biological standards of a man. This is best illustrated by those males who believe in females in combat, or female Viking warriors. They are merely demonstrating their inadequacy as men by not meeting the biological standards of a man. Actual men understand and embrace the biological differences between genders.

Obesity and lack of Fitness

A man must be fit. It is a matter of survival. Fitness also is an expression of self-control and efforts, other important characteristics of men. Obesity therefore goes against some of the most fundamental aspects of a man, and is compounded by the associated drop in testosterone.

Drug Use (Including Marijuana)

Drugs affect the brain. This is undeniable. Preventing clear thinking and analysis, essential of any man. Drugs are also a sign of weakness and lack of self-control. Again, characteristics that are contrary to evolutionary fitness.

Not breeding

A man must spread is seeds. It is a fundamental foundation of the survival of our species. Not breeding is completely unnatural. This is not to say that one has to be heterosexual to be a man. No. Sexual attraction to other men and bisexuality is perfectly fine as long as the man breeds at some point. Think Spartans.

Urban Lifestyle

One cannot live in a condo, in a city where the carrying capacity of the land has been exceeded, with no access to resources that occur naturally, dependent on other and infrastructure, and be a man. The urban lifestyle indeed encompasses the loss of most of the evolutionary traits and characteristics of a man. A man should be self sufficient, should hunt his own food, handle his own shelters and needs.

Lack of Aggression

A man must be able to fight. It is part of our genetic make up. A man who has never been involved in fighting, even just fist fights, simply cannot call himself a man. As he is lacking one of the most fundamental evolutionary traits of a man that is so essential to the survival of our species. A man must be very dangerous but have the capability to keep it under control.

Pissed because you fit in any of these categories? Well, up to you to change it, grow a pair, and be a man.