Societal Implosion: Why it is Inevitable

By Triúnn skytja

I recently saw a meme/joke showing a man with handcuffs in a courthouse, where the judge says, “State your gender for the record” and the man replies “I identify as innocent”, to which the judge says “That’s not how this works.”

Up front, this is an entertaining joke to those of us with a functioning left half of our brains. But it sparked a thought. If this situation were to happen in real life, as I am sure it has or will if it hasn’t, how does the judge handle it? A criminal who continuously mocks the court system with what is obviously a mental handicap belongs in an insane asylum right? That would have been the answer in the past, 99% of the time. Anyone who could not function in society’s standard of behavior, even when a criminal, was deemed mentally inferior and sent to a mental health facility.

So where is the problem you might ask? The problem is, when does the straw break the camel’s back. Not IF. As of 2014, 2.8% of the adult population in the United States was either incarcerated, on probation, or on parole. The US continuously holds the highest rate of incarceration of any developed western nation. Obviously this draws two simple conclusions which one doesn’t need a scholarly article to understand: 1. That our prison systems fail to deter criminal behavior due to increasingly luxurious conditions and 2. The only way to keep up with the demand of prison space is to build more. The same concepts apply to mental health facilities. If a subject goes to either a prison/jail or a mental health facility and the behavior isn’t corrected or stopped for the future, that facility has failed in its purpose.

In the past 10-15 years multiple states in the US have had prison populations well above capacity, with California declaring a state of emergency back in 2007 due to the overpopulation of their correctional facilities. With native population growth rates declining in all western countries and non-native populations exploding (pun intended for the muslims), the crime rates with specific inclination toward violent crimes are growing at a very disproportionate level. This leads to the crisis the whole western world faces:  

When will the law fall out of our governments’ hands? 

I’ll pose the scenario to you of the above judge. A citizen has rioted and destroyed both private and government (police) property. If you are the judge, what options do you have with a defendant like this? You can send them to a mental health facility. But they get there, clog up the system with legal battles regarding ‘freedom’ and wrongful incarceration because of their insane belief that you can be anything but male or female, and generally stop the functionality of the system. They will most likely with mommy and daddy’s money find a way out of their situation, get back on the streets, and riot because they can’t identify as a care bear. So, that option is useless. You can send them to prison, but what good will that do? Half of the time they’ll get out on early parole or “good behavior” because there are actual murderers and felons overpopulating the prisons, therefore not teaching a lesson – and then again proving that the legal system has no ramifications today.

To sum up the problem: a legal system that means nothing to its jurisdiction administers a punishment to a subject who has no respect for it. Sounds oddly reminiscent of the American Revolutionists right? The real secondary problem that stems is the fact that the new revolutionists don’t stand for a code, don’t have honor, and don’t have moral guidelines. 

And the real problem for you and me is purely the numbers. A small group of these types can be ignored. Ignored long enough, a small group like this eventually realizes they have to find a job and make a living. A large group becomes a living mob, feeding off of the weak and senseless citizens living around it. And this is happening in major cities all across America and in the entirety of the developed western world. With a complete lack of societal damning of the behaviors idolized by these psychopathic, mentally retarded people, we face a growing population of degenerates that cannot be stopped, controlled or diverted by government measures. When this population of morons grows to a certain breaking point that can’t be handled by the diminishing police forces, overcrowded prisons or other deterrents, lawmakers inevitably make concessions to these assholes which normalize their behavior.

Therein we face a conundrum the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Rome. 

Why does this lead to an implosion of society as we know it? Well firstly you have to define what makes a society. 

A society must have a system in place agreed upon by its populace and respected by its people. Laws must be obeyed, and the reprimands feared by the people who might think to break them. This is literally the ONLY thing that separates us humans from the animal world. When the respect for the governing system of behavior is lost, society is lost. When actions of the populace that are in stark contrast to the governing principles thereof are normalized or ignored, the meaning of those principles diminishes into nothing. 

This is why society in the western world (especially Canukistan, Swedistan, Germanistan and the United Emirates of America) will at some point in the next years implode. 

Law becomes lawlessness, order becomes chaos, and crime becomes normality. And this doesn’t happen overnight like is shown in modern media these days. This happens in the shadows, slowly, out of sight. It is orchestrated by those who will profit from it. 

And what is the resulting effect?

Obscene legislation, attempts at New World Order type control, skyrocketing criminal behavior (at least seen as criminal to those with a brain, however few), and a tight noose hung around the neck of lady liberty herself. For you and I this means that we must fend for ourselves. People will be free to act like animals in the streets, free from the thought of serious consequences. The chaos that will stem will be viewed as a weakness by the wolves at the door that seek to destroy our ways of life (yes I’m talking about the muslims and dictatorships and fear mongering christians). You will no longer be able to go about your ways normally. Every day will be a new challenge to face. Asinine accusations of the most ridiculous crimes will be taken seriously, defending yourself will be outlawed and living your way will be out of the question because it probably offends someone. 

Men. When this time comes, and it will, men will be the only wall of defense against the growing insanity that consumes so many in this world today. I’m not talking about just people with a twig and two berries swinging between their legs. I’m talking about no-bullshit, hard, honorable men. You must be ready to take action where others won’t, risk legal ramifications where others won’t, and not get caught where others will. A strong tribe of close-knit men are the only phalanx that will defend our history, culture and way of life against this Persian horde of unseemly threats to the world. Fear is the only thing that drives these degenerates to behave, and we men must be the wolves unto the sheep, not the sheepdog.